Fun Things To Do At Home

Since all of us are spending way more time at home than we could ever have imagined, we will be sharing some ideas to stay healthy, active, sane and entertained over the next few weeks.

Today certainly didn’t feel like the usual St. Patty’s Day with festivities with friends, but we made the most of it.

We are doing our best to stick to a schedule:

  • Breakfast
  • School work
  • Lunch and active activity (outside if possible like a hike or bike ride)
  • Reading time and face time family and friends
  • Dinner
  • Another activity in the evening (like painting or a puzzle)

I had some paint but no card stock paper, so we ended up grabbing some paper plates to paint some festive St. Patrick’s Day graphics. We had fun doing it and spent some good quality time together.

Another thing that we did today was to take a family bike ride. The weather may be warm or cold depending on the day, so if you feel like bundling up, it perfect to take a walk or bike ride to stay active.

More ideas to follow in the upcoming days! We’ll make it through this challenging time by getting creative and making the most of the situation – at least as best as we can!

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