Fun Kids Cleaning Routine


We know what you must be thinking! “There’s no possible way to make cleaning “fun” for kids”. While it is true kids and grown-ups largely differ in their understanding of what is fun and what is not, it is possible to organise things so as to make cleaning a little bit more interesting and exciting. Why is this important? The sooner you teach your child it is their responsibility to maintain their living space neat and clean, the better. This fun cleaning routine is certainly a nice way to start!

Make a Chart
This is certainly a good way to start, even more so if you have several youngsters to help you with your cleaning session. There should be a separate column for each of the children. To spice things up a little bit, you can take some time to embellish the chart and colour each kid’s column in their favourite nuances. Then allocate different tasks to each member of your cleaning crew. This will help improve organisation as everyone will do what is expected of them to do. When the kids finish a specific chore, place a sticker next to their name to mark the task as completed.

Use Small-Size Cleaning Tools
Handing your six-year old kid a bulky broom is not likely to lead to any satisfactory results. Before the start of the cleaning session, take the time to prep up a small caddy for the little one with all the cleaning tools that will be required for the purpose. These include baby wipes, a small broom and a dust pan, a sponge, some clean cloths, and a dusting mitt. You can place a cool sticker on the caddy with the kid’s name along with some glittery spangles to glam things up a bit. If this does not motivate the little one, we don’t know what will!

Start with Easy Tasks
You cannot expect a six-year old to vacuum your carpeting or clean your windowpanes, right? Be realistic in your expectations and don’t get your hopes up too much, at least not at this stage. Start by allocating tasks that are easy to complete and don’t require any physical exertion. Otherwise, you risk turning cleaning into a repulsive activity the kids will hardly await with anticipation.

Ask the little ones to dust easy to reach furniture, collect the dry leaves in your patio or garden (naturally, using a real rake is out of the question), put their stationery materials into order, collect toys and put them in their rightful places, and make their beds. At this stage of their lives, this will suffice to form a habit and that’s what’s important.

Play Some Music
Music always uplifts one’s spirit and renders even the most burdensome task more pleasant and easy to complete. The same applies to cleaning, so why not play your daughter’s favourite Taylor Swift album during your cleaning session? This will partially take the child’s mind off the cleaning process itself. Also, DomesticCleaners Wimbledon suggests you can make up a dance routine in the process, turning your clean-up into a festivity.

Play the “Lost Treasure” Game
This is where imagination can prove to be rather handy, but then again, we all know this is among kids’ strongest points. Ask the little ones to clean some areas in their room which often end up neglected, like for instance, under their beds. The kids are very likely to fish out some long-lost toys they’ve been looking for for months. You can all pretend you have come across a pirate treasure to make things more fun.

Reward the Youngsters at the End
It would be great if you show the little cleaning crew their efforts have been much appreciated. And what better way to do it than treating them with a piece of chocolate cake or some other dessert they like? Avoid buying them expensive toys each time they complete their chores, however. This will fail to teach them how important maintaining their personal space in order is – they will help you out only to receive presents. A nice small treat like a piece of cake is fine though!

Follow this fun cleaning routine and we are sure you will never again have to wage battles with your kids over cleaning their rooms. The sooner cleaning becomes an established habit, the better. Maintaining their space clean and tidy will certainly stand the youngsters in good stead when they grow up.

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