Frozen Fruit Instead of Ice Cubes

Frozen Fruit Cubes - MomFabFun

I love my drinks cold! I saw this idea at my sister-in-law’s sprinkle using frozen berries instead of ice cubes. This is brilliant when serving champagne or wine to keep the drink chilled without watering it down. This would also be a good idea to use in sangria…instead of just using refrigerated or room temperature fruit, throw in some frozen fruit as well to keep the drink cool. It’s also fun to garnish a drink with fruit, so it makes it look a little more festive. With the holidays coming up, it is a great idea to use frozen fruit in many types of Halloween and holiday cocktails. Plus, since a lot of fruit is out of season this time of year, it makes sense to buy it in the frozen section of the grocery. And don’t forget about frozen cherries because I just read an article talking about how eating cherries can help you sleep better. And we all could use a little more sleep!

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