Fresh, Healthy Summer Snacks – Plan Ahead!

My sister-in-law is super fit and eats very healthy, so I am always willing to take advice from her. One thing that I struggle with, which I am sure a lot of moms do, is keeping the junk out of the house and keeping delicious, nutritious snacks in the house. It seems like my daughter is exposed to candy, cookies, cakes, and “unhealthy snacks” on a daily basis. She will even say to me, “Mommy, can I have an unhealthy snack?”

We eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and nuts at home but these snack ideas are some awesome ways to mix it up from the norm and plan ahead with individual snack size packages.


Frozen grapes in zip-lock bags are ready to grab and go at any time. It makes the grapes taste that much better and more refreshing!


Individual size veggie packs are perfect for families on the move rushing off to games and activities.


These delicious frozen treats are actually fresh berries with coconut water. Since coconut water tastes so good, the kids most won’t even notice that it’s not an “unhealthy snack.”


These snacks are also good for adults, too! All of us could benefit from eating more fruits and veggies, so plan ahead to get the nutrients we need this summer and stay away from processed junk food.


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