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Ryan lost his first tooth yesterday. It was a big day!! When I went to pick him up from school yesterday he came running out, “Mom I lost my tooth!” I think the whole parking lot heard him. He had it in a cute little treasure chest the teacher had given him. I knew the tooth had been loose for sometime but didn’t expect it to fall out yet. I wasn’t prepared. When Ryan went to sleep we tucked the tooth under his pillow and I rushed to the computer for some ideas on what to do. I cam across a ton of sites that sold letters or certificates and an array of tooth fairy related items. I of course was looking for something FREE. The rest of my cash was going to go under a pillow tonight : ) Here are a few FREE tooth fairy letters and certificates I found that you can personalize yourself. I personalized the letter, but just printed out a certificate and wrote in Ryan’s info.

First Lost Tooth Letter from the Tooth Fairy
Printable Tooth Fairy Letter #1
Printable Letter from the Tooth Fairy #2

Free Tooth Fairy Certificates for Boys and Girls

Tooth Fairy Pillows:
Kennalynn Creations

So when Ryan woke up he got a cute letter, certificate, a ten dollar bill and some candy. He was really excited and is still trying to figure out how the Tooth Fairy gets into the house : )

How do you celebrate the Tooth Fairy? Do you have any cute ideas? Please comment and share I would love to hear them!


  1. i rely want a magic letter to night my tooth came out but i did not get 1 letter from the tooth fairy so i put it in the bin i was wating like 2 weeks i was a loser i did not get eny thing:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  2. I want a letters

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