All of us moms have that one daily beauty regimen that we can’t live without. The one that you just have to apply before you leave the house……..even if you are running late and only have 30 seconds to make yourself look somewhat presentable.

For some, it’s a killer bright red lipstick. For others, it’s a top notch foundation. For me, it’s MASCARA!!!!!!

Even if I am hung-over on a Saturday morning and struggling to make it to boot camp on time, I still manage to apply a couple strokes of mascara to my lashes. It always makes me feel more awake and alive when maybe I just feel like skipping my workout and crawling back in bed.

I will even apply mascara twice before going out on a Saturday night to emphasize my lashes and make them look a little fuller, thicker and longer. This is hopefully accomplished without over-applying which sometimes results in a tarantula effect.

With my mascara obsession, I am constantly trying new brands from the most expensive designer brands like DiorShow to the cheapest drugstore brands I can find. I have a little collection in my make-up bag and like to switch them up a bit.

I was reading GLAMOUR magazine and saw a new brand that I had not recognized called SMASHBOX PHOTO OP EYE BRIGHTENING MASCARA. What really got my attention was the fact that it has a slightly blue tint to it (that probably can’t be seen with the naked eye) and it actually makes your eyes look whiter. I am sure all of you are getting your necessary 7-8 hours of sleep at night so this is not an issue for you. But as for myself, when I am lacking sleep, the first place to show it is my eyes. So I thought I would share this new find with you all because I LOVE IT! And it was only $20 at Sephora!

Being that I am not loyal to mascara brands and always in search of something better, what is your go to brand?

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