Every Kid’s Favorite Slime – Mythical Slime Unicorn Puddy

I don’t think this slime trend is ending any time soon.  My daughter is OBSESSED with slime and has been for a while now.  Her other favorite thing just happens to be unicorns, so you can only imagine her reaction when she found out there is such a thing as Mythical Slime Unicorn Puddy!

You guessed it…she pretty much lost her mind!  She couldn’t wait to take them out and see what the Unicorn Snot, Kiss, Tears, and Booger slime looked like.

Unicorn Kiss was her favorite.

Unicorn Tears was her second favorite.


Her friends love to play with it when the come over.  They stretch it, squeeze it, and take it everywhere they go.

This is the perfect gift for kid birthday parties, especially since the unicorn theme parties are so popular right now.  My daughter has been talking for months that she would like her birthday party to have a unicorn theme.  I’m thinking these could be great favors for the kids as well!

For more information about Unicorn Slime or to purchase, visit https://mythicalslyme.com/

About The Cause

Once upon a time, a tribe of believers decided to save the magical unicorns from extinction. But how?

A bake sale simply wouldn’t do.

So they enlisted headhunters for the highest-powered help of all: the unicorns themselves.

Generously donating their blood, tears, and dreams, these unicorns united for a shared vision of a future where the magical beings could roam the earth once again.

Won’t you join us in our quest?

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