Engaging Projection Alarm Clock is a Bright Idea!

Big Red Rooster company does it again! This alarm clock is so fun and comes in three different animals. We chose the dinosaur for our home, but the cat and dog looked really cute too!


You can also choose from 4 prehistoric images as well as the digital time projected onto the ceiling. In our home, each night they take turns choosing the image. This “little game” helps actually get them into their bedroom at night without a struggle. It is very easy to set the time, images, and alarm. Honestly, my 7-year-old could have read the directions himself! I really like the option of having a timer for the image projector. You have the choice of leaving it on for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or continuous. The alarm is loud enough to wake up tired little boys, yet not annoying. This alarm clock makes a great gift for Christmas or Birthday!


There are Several Designs to Choose From:
Dog Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 This brown and white doggie projects the time and 1 of 4 canine images on the ceiling. The dog’s head rotates 340 degrees.

Cat Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 With green eyes and white paws, this pretty kitty makes a great addition to the bedroom. Cat alarm clock projects the time and 4 different feline imagines.

Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 This makes a dino-mite clock for kids who are fans of the stegosaurus and his mighty friends. Kids will enjoy the 4 prehistoric images as well as the digital time projected above their heads.

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