EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit

I love to decorate eggs. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed the creative process of mixing different colors together, resulting in varied pastel blends of eggs for the Easter basket. Even the smell of white vinegar gets me excited for Easter!

So you can imagine my glee at finding the EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit, which provides Easter aficionados like myself with a new way of decorating colorful Easter eggs. In addition, since it’s easy-to-use and intended for ages three and up, it means my own kids can take part in one of my favorite holiday pastimes. Bonus: no mess, no vinegar smell and endless creative options!

You have to love the story on the back of the EggMazing Egg Decorator Box: As inventor Scott Houdashell watched his friends and family deal with messy kitchens, spilled dyes and clumsy accidents that are all-too-common with traditional Easter Egg decorating kits, he was inspired to try something new. “With a borrowed electric screwdriver, hot glue stick and a spoon,” Houdashell created the first version of this landmark Easter necessity. It went on to be featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank, too!

Each kit comes with the decorator (which requires four AA batteries, not included) and eight non-toxic markers in bright colors. It couldn’t be easier to put together; in fact, my five-year-old son installed the batteries and got it working before I could even turn around to help!

To get started, it’s simple: boil a dozen (or as many as you want) eggs and wait until they’re cool and ready to use. Place the egg in the opening on the decorator, turn on the operating switch on the side, and watch the egg start to spin! Kids can then use the markers included (or really, any markers) to decorate the egg as it spins. The results are truly works of art!

I think we’ve discovered a new Easter tradition in our household. Decorating eggs has never been easier or more fun! My kids are already clamoring for me to buy more eggs so they can decorate additional ones. They loved playing with different color combinations and seeing the results. Hurry up and buy yours today so you’re ready for Easter, this year on April 21! The EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit is available on for $25.99.

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