E-Blox Circuit Builder

Spring Break this week means lots of extra time with the kiddos, aka running out of ideas by Wednesday! On top of that, we’ve had horrible weather in NE Ohio so far this spring, so yet again we’re cooped up inside the house. I was so grateful when the package was delivered with our new E-Blox Circuit Builder play set. And wow, what a treat this toy ended up being!

My son loves all STEM-focused toys and activities, and we often joke about how he will most likely be an engineer some day. The build-it-yourself aspects of the E-Blox Circuit Builder immediately captured his interest. This innovative set allows your children to build their own simple circuits, causing alarms to sound, fans to spin, lights to flash and much, much more! Perfect for your budding electrical engineer.

My son quickly grasped the basics of the set after an overview with me (I used the included booklet of instructions to walk through a few basic circuit structures and he took it from there). Easy-to-read diagrams lay out how to build 59 different projects. Kids will love figuring out how to structure their own circuits to make things “happen,” and will be delighted as they learn new ways to showcase an electrical cause-and-effect. My son got such a kick out of making tweaks to his circuits and seeing what happened as he mixed and matched the different parts.

Best of all, these E-Blox are compatible with my son’s existing stash of Lego Duplo blocks! So not only was he able to build a circuit that caused a fan to fly in the air with the push of a button, he was able to attach that circuit to a Lego truck and create a whole new vehicle! I loved seeing how this Circuit Builder set stimulated his imagination and caused him to think through each step to get the intended result.

Worried about safety issues with a toy that lets your kids build electrical circuits? Don’t be – as E-Blox maintains on its web site, safety is the company’s No. 1 priority. You can read more about the measures the company takes to keep your kids safe while they learn and explore here.

This afternoon my in-laws took my son for the night, and the first item he made sure he took with him was his box of new E-Blox Circuit Builder blocks! We have the 59-project set ($21.99), but blocks are also available in 115-project ($32.99) and 120-project ($43.99) sets. Sets can be purchased on the E-Blox web site or on Amazon.

Want to win your own 59-project E-Blox Circuit Builder set? Simply comment on this post with your favorite Spring Break activity! And be sure to check out E-blox on social media. You can find them at @myeblox on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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