E-Blox Circuit Blox

This summer has flown by! I can’t believe that the kiddos start school in just about two weeks. That said, I am definitely running out of ideas to keep them entertained during the day! We’ve been to the pool every week, have checked out many of the local museums and have put on more than enough puppet shows. Thankfully, E-Blox Circuit Blox showed up in time to provide my kids with a healthy dose of entertainment and education!

E-Blox is an emerging leader in educational electronic toys and products that engage children to “Learn by Building.” We had played with E-Blox before, so I was already familiar with the quality of these toys that promote STEM engagement. Circuit Blox sets provide your children with everything they need to build a bright, light-up creation while also learning the basic concepts of circuitry and electricity! Plus, E-Blox’s interactive building blocks have been named Stem.org Authenticated™, meaning this STEM credentialing organization declared every E-Blox kit to be authenticated and certified!

The Lights Plus Circuit Blox set ($25.99) includes a touch controller module, battery block, 12 LED blocks, four (4) 1×1 wire blocks, and a USB power block. An instruction sheet offers easy, step-by-step instructional diagrams for how to connect the pieces together. Once a base is created, your child can combine the LED blocks in a wide variety of configurations and experiment with how the different colors look with each new construction.

The touch controller module provides an additional level of fun as it allows children to adjust the level of brightness of the blocks with just a touch of their finger! My son really enjoyed this feature. He even took the blocks to bed with him as a “night light” and fell asleep while tweaking the brightness and building new combinations!

Circuit Blox come available in a wide variety of sets on their web site. Best of all, sets can build on each other, so if you have an existing E-Blox set you can be sure that new sets will fit with the old blox. If you’re looking for a way to beat end-of-summer boredom, Circuit Blox will allow your kids to have fun and learn something new at the same time.

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