Don’t just dream about robotics, BE a robot (when you’re a toddler)

“Dressing like a Robot is fun, Mom!”, said my 4-year-old. This shirt and helmet combo were just what he needed to be transformed into a robot for an afternoon. We both liked how easy the shirt was to get on and off due to the simple Velcro design. It was lightweight so my busy bot didn’t get too sweaty, which usually is the case while playing dress up. The visor on the helmet very cleverly moves up and down because when a little one is navigating down the basement stairs it can get scary if their eyes are too covered. This product was cute and fun and I bet it will be stored in the front of the closet for quick access in the very near future!

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Take me to your leader! Everyone has heard about STREAM learning (the R stands for Robotics, along with the more common Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), to teach kids how to code and about robotics, but with Aeromax Toys, kids can pretend play that they are a robot or robot engineer, even at 3 years old!

First, start with Aeromax’s My 1st Career Gear Robotic Engineer shirt, ($13.99). You can put it on over your clothes, whenever the mood strikes you! Great for ages 3 to 6 years. Then, complete the look with the Robot Helmet,($16.99). It’s a little smaller for the younger kids to enjoy, but still offers rich details, like a moving visor and colorful artwork including exposed gear on the back.  Here comes the next scientific creation! For ages 3-10

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