Draw Circuits Circuit Scribe…Great Holiday Gift!

Want an educational toy this holiday season?  Something that you can have make you and your child do a little thinking while having fun?  Then you MUST try out this CIRCUITSCRIBE by Draw Circuits.

This really is not a toy that you just open up and expect to leave your child to figure out on their own.  It requires some problem solving, creative thinking and planning.  Draw Circuits comes with a unique marker that is “non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling” and a workbook/sketchbook that will help them to plan how their circuits will will work along side the sketches they create.

“Imagine sitting in study hall and creating a paper city. Students can now build and light up houses, create a pressure sensitive driveway or a street lamp circuit! Science, technology, engineering and math all combine as youngsters draw lines with their easy-to-use, award-winning Circuit Scribe!

Circuit Scribe can be used by all grade levels with projects that grow more complex as students get older. (College students and businesses even use it for prototyping circuit design!)
All of our kits are suitable for classroom use, but these three are our most popular educational packages.”

You can research more of their products at www.CircuitScribe.com .

This is a great STEM Learning product!



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