Dodgeball Board Game! Play Ball Indoors!

Let’s play ball! Dodgeball ($24.99) is a skill and action board game. The rules are simple but the necessary eye-hand coordination demands concentration. Anyone who can do three things with their two hands has the advantage!

Each person has his own player in the ‘Dodgeball arena.’ A pitcher in the center randomly rotates with a ball trying to hit your player and knock off their head. You must dodge his ball by pushing your player down. As you try to avoid the rotating danger, you must simultaneously slide six mini dodgeballs onto your handheld goblet. There’s a slow mode you can use for younger players or to warm up, then switch to fast when you’re ready to rock!

This was one of the most well made board games I have seen in a long time! We were really excited to sit down and give it a shot. I played with my two sons Ryan (9) and Sean (8). I have to say though this was challenging. The hand eye coordination does require a bit of skill. This is a game we will have to practice to get really good at. It was really fun to play and really just a cute well made game. We laughed the whole time! This is the perfect way to play ball indoors when it’s so cold out. I highly recommend for a great family fun night!

The Rules: Dodgeball • Ages 8+ • $24.99
Two to four players compete to be the first to stack six mini balls on their dodgeball goblet. At the same time, players must make sure that their Dodgeball player’s head is not knocked off by the ball whizzing around the arena. If their head flies off, players have to start stacking all over again. The game contains a Dodgeball arena, 4 player “heads”, 4 handheld goblets, game rules and more. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

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