Denim on Denim – Not My Fave


I just got my new issue of Glamour in the mail and took a few minutes to skim through the pages. It is ALL ABOUT DENIM! I love denim, however I do not like the denim on denim look that seems to be so popular for the fall. In case you don’t know what I am talking about, an example would be wearing darker jeans with a lighter denim shirt. I saw a lot of it last spring and it just did not go over well with me. There were only a couple people (real people, not models) that I actually saw that pulled it off well.

I love white denim jeans with a denim shirt, but am not digging the two different shades of blue together. It does look good on some of the models I have seen, but what doesn’t look good on them?!?!? Obviously I am not an editor for VOGUE magazine, however I do consider myself a bit of a fashionista (and a maxxinista because you all know how much I love TJ Maxx). Just a warning to proceed with caution if you attempt to pull off this look. Just because it is in style doesn’t mean that you HAVE to wear it. I am sure some of you will rock it and look amazing though.

What are you thoughts on “denim on denim?”

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