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I love “girly girl” stuff. It is so much fun being a girl! And now it’s even more fun to decorate a girl’s room with RoomLookz! This is a new line which is relative to the company’s line called LockerLookz.

There are new, fresh item’s for any tweenager’s room help give them a little pep in their step for back to school. These new items will make great holiday gifts now that we are heading into gift-buying season for the tweens on your list. My daughter who is not even a tween yet absolutely loves them, too! I will be ordering things for my nieces and my daughter for Christmas. My daughter has started getting invitations to so many birthday parties lately, and this is a one-stop-shop for birthday gifts as well.

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It was so much fun logging on the website with my daughter so that we could pick out items to liven up her room! It was also a bonding experience when we were designing a Room on the site. You can actually move the objects around with your mouse to rearrange the items you select.

I cannot convey the joy on my daughter’s face when she saw her new, lovely room décor. The quality of these adorable items well exceeded my expectations!

Check out the items we love!
Magnetic Dry Erase Wallboard


Gem Magnet & Flower Magnet


Candy Dispenser – My daughter’s favorite.


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MomFabFun Giveaway can win a package valued at up to $37.98! Winner can choose accessory over $19.99 and one other accessory, based on availability! Check out their items on their website

LockerLookz Giveaway!

By the time a tween hits middle school, the academic workload really ramps up, as does the time spent on homework. It’s also when most girls move from the kitchen table to their bedroom sanctuary while pouring over those Spanish conjugations or Newton’s Laws of Motion. Why not add a dash of fashion to the bedroom as the little girl transforms into a confident teen? Introducing RoomLookz, the tween bedroom “community” by the stylish trendsetters of Lockerlookz, makers of ooh-lah lah locker decor.

Check out this short YouTube Video video to see a room go from drab to wow!

RoomLookz takes on the same mission of nationally touted LockerLookz by turning drab but necessary spaces (the interior of a school locker) into inviting, trendy surroundings with color, patterns, fashion and fun. Who wouldn’t want to pour over homework sheets when they get to lean against a fur pillow or gaze at a tabletop lamp with an aqua grosgrain bow that complements the hand-picked aqua dot wallpaper?

Rich details in each carefully created piece are both affordable (from $3.99 up to $24.99) and adorable. Pick a Peony Flower Magnet ($3.99) in pink, aqua or white that adds a little sparkle with its gem centerpiece. Acrylic three-compartment caddy, magnetic dry erase wallboards and tabletop accessories dress up her space while adding storage in beautiful order.

Anyone with a tween girl — aged 8 to 14 — in the home knows this is not a frivolous concept. 75% of tweens polled by RoomLookz said their bedroom is their favorite spot in the house. 85% boasted that decorating their room was high on their must-have list. Incredibly, 97% said they would likely purchase locker decorations if transformed for a bedroom! With annual budgets of $50 to $100 reserved for room decor, RoomLookz is destined to be the buzz word of 2015 on social media and tween magazines. Look for all RoomLookz packaging to bear the aqua RLZ logo. The collection features these items in various colors and styles:

· Peel & Stick Wallpaper • $19.99

· Magnetic Dry Erase Wallboard • $12.99

· Flower Magnet • $3.99

· Gem Magnet • $5.99

· Magnetic Storage Bin • $5.99

· Magnetic Mirror with stand • $5.99

· Acrylic Tabletop Caddy • $9.99

· Tape Dispenser • $6.99

· LED Tabletop Lamp • $24.99

· Candy Dispenser • $19.99

Industry and media darling LockerLookz — now partnered with Darice, Inc., the largest full line craft company in the U.S. — weighed the research and identified the underserved market for chic room de?cor that encourages self-expression while staying affordable. RoomLookz perfectly fills the slot. If you’re interested to review these products for a Back to School story or as the perfect holiday gift for that tween on your list, please reply and let me know what you’re interested in. My attached press release has details on all the styles and colors and I have images of decorated rooms I can share.

If you click on their website you can see all the items and colors, and can Design a Room online to see how everything will look!

And, check out their “How To” Videos

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  1. I would give it to my two youngest daughters, they would love this!

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