Dear Kates Underwear – Sport Underwear for Women

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I have been seeing a lot of promo’s about “period underwear.” If you haven’t heard of is underwear you can wear instead of a tampon and supposedly it works. Ok I am not that brave so I have not tried it and I am not here to say anything positive or negative about them. However, I do like to read reviews about new products especially ones that my mommy readers may enjoy. So during my research and review reading I came across a similar technology of underwear for women called Dear Kates.

I do workout and sweat and without grossing everyone out sometimes areas that I wish did not get sweaty do, what’s a girl to do?? Well sound the trumpets because I found something, yes….something amazing, and yes it works!

Dear Kates has an underlux technology. It is breathable, leak reisitant, stain releasing and anti-microbial. These things are pretty freaking amazing.

They have a variety of styles, colors and filters. I would suggest mini lining for workout wear, and full lining if you are using for monthly visitor.

The brilliance is in the fabric. Comprised of two super soft microfiber layers and a thin, silky outer layer, our Underlux technology is revolutionary. Lining all of our underwear and apparel, our Underlux fabric is moisture-wicking and leak-resistant, protecting you when you need it most. Plus, since Underlux is fabric (no plastic or latex here!), Dear Kates are breathable, keeping you fresh and fearless all day long.

Now they also say you can wear them during your visit from aunt flo, but I am not even going there, however it would be a little added protection if you know what I mean.

Anyways this is my rave review and if you have never heard of this (I didn’t till 2 weeks ago) it’s definitely worth a try out! Check them out CLICK HERE!

They also sell workout pants, bras, leggings, and shorts.

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