CROZZIT is the new “it” game!

Get from one side to the other before your opponent…sounds easy enough, right? Guess again! Crozzit from toymaker Identity Games is the game that comes with a telling tag line, the game you always almost win! I played with my 8-year-old and was amazed how tough yet fun it was. There are only 18 steps from one side to the other, so you’re never far from victory, but no game is ever that easy! Crozzit comes with a few rules – a tile can’t be placed on the edge of the board. Tiles must touch at least one side to be connected. Instructions with illustrations are tucked into every game box.

As each game is completed in about 20 minutes, a few strategies emerge that can be used again, thus making this an enduring and endearing way to spend some down time! We giggled, were deep in thought, and enjoyed stumping one another.



Don’t tell the kids but the benefits of playing Crozzit are much more than bragging rights over a sibling or best buddy. Young brains get a good workout while sitting at the kitchen table. Board games help children develop logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. Basic skills like paying attention and the ability to concentrate and focus are lifelong habits that can be nurtured in a round or two of Crozzit. The judges at Creative Child agree—they just award Crozzit Game of the Year!

Look for Crozzit at Amazon or specialty gift retailers. Or check the handy online store map at Identity Games’ website, Simply plug in your zip code and find the nearest neighborhood shop. Each icon offers the store name, phone number and directions. How handy is that for last minute gift giving? Get yours today and let the games begin……in 18 moves or less!

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