Cover Leg Imperfections with Sally Hensen Airbrush Legs

I hate wearing pantyhose!  Tights are just fine.  But even in the fall and winter, sometimes I prefer to go bare legged when I am wearing a formal dress.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs are the way to go!  It’s water resistant and gives the illusion that you are wearing hose and can cover leg imperfections including visible veins.

You can get it at the local drugstore or amazon.  The one thing I do want to warn you about is that it is a “leg makeup” so it’s similar to spray paint.  You want to be sure you give it a couple of minutes to dry or it could get on your clothes.  It washed out of my clothes just fine, but wanted to be sure to mention it.

Even though it’s getting to be cold outside, this is the perfect solution for your legs if you want to bare them.  I used it all summer, too.  Enjoy your flawless legs with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!



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