Connecting Words with Anaxi is SO FUN!


We just played Anaxi for the first time ever! It was so much fun!


Anaxi is SO FUN to play with a group of people. Especially with fall approaching and chilli nights in the house, this will give your family and friends something new, fun and different to do!


We played it with just me, my husband and daughter and had such a fun time! It’s bright, colorful, and my daughter likes to work the hour glass timer. It is fun to connect words in surprising ways!

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During a round, draw 3 Anaxi Word Cards and overlap them. All players work at the same time and have 1 minute to write down as many people, places or things that share overlapping qualities. Players with original and unique answers score points.

75 Anaxi Word Cards
2 Base Cards
1-Minute Timer
Answer Pad
Full Rules

Anaxi has an MSRP $21.99, 2-6 players, 8-up age.

Specialty Toy & Game Manufacturer, Funnybone Toys, Celebrates its Popular 2015 Game, Juxtabo, Being Carried by Target Corporation this Fall in Several of their Key Stores.

New York, NY: Specialty Toy & Game Manufacturer, Funnybone Toys, celebrates its popular 2015 game, Juxtabo, being carried by Target Corporation this fall in several of their key stores.

The designers of Funnybone Toys have released nearly a dozen games since 2012, and they can pinpoint an everyday object or image that served as the inspiration for each game.

Juxtabo is no exception. The game is considered a “light strategy” game for lovers of chess, checkers and puzzle games; players stack 2-colored pieces on top of each other to create patterns shown on cards. Once players make a pattern, they keep that card, and the player with the most cards completed at the end of the game is the winner.

The inspiration for the primary components in Juxtabo – the 2-colored round playing pieces – came from macaroon cookies – the multicolored, French version of the popular confection.

“It’s really amazing to think about how we were so fascinated by the colors in a tray of macaroons, and started thinking of how we could incorporate that colorful element into pieces of a game. We literally built the game around the pieces, with small tweaks to their design made as we play tested.” says Funnybone Toys President and Chief Game Developer, Julien Sharp. “We are just so thrilled to see such a welcoming response to the game by retailers and their customers, and to see it in Target stores this holiday season.”

Juxtabo has an MSRP of $29.99, and can be played by 1-4 players ages 6 and up.

About Funnybone Toys:
Funnybone Toys® makes games that use good design to stimulate creativity. Ranging from light strategy games, word games, and card games, their games are designed to encourage family fun, with several titles suitable for parties and game nights.

In addition to best sellers Juxtabo® (2015), Disruptus® (2013) and Spectrix® (2012), Funnybone Toys released four new products in 2016: Anaxi™, Spirot™, Arrazzles®-Under the Sea and Melvin+Simon™.

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