Color & Shine Emoji-Notes

Anyone can make a nightlight, but a customize-able nightlight that allows kids to express their creativity and change the nightlight’s “mood?” That’s a unique product! Recently we took a look at the Color & Shine Emoji-Notes nightlight ($19.99), which comes with seven pens and six interchangeable emojis to add to the nightlight.

My kids may not have their own cell phones yet, but they’re definitely in the loop with emojis and love to borrow my phone and send strings of funny emojis to family members. They were immediately drawn to the expressions included with this product… smiley, funny, silly and more.

The pens are very bright and easy to use on the acrylic surface of the product. Kids can color the nightlight itself as well as the emoji “tokens,” which then easily fit into the top of the nightlight.

When kids get tired of their artwork, or their mood simply changes, they can use the included rag to wipe off the surface and start over (a wet paper towel works for this, too).

The LED light put off by these nightlights is soft and calming, perfect in your kid’s bedroom! And they’ll love being able to customize it night to night. We enjoyed the ice cream cone design, but others are available online.

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