My First Cleanse Ever – RESTORE Cold Pressed

My First Cleanse Ever was a success! RESTORE Cold Pressed gave me such an awesome experience! My best friend has done this particular cleanse before and I have always wanted to do it! I figured what a better time than the new year to kick it off with something healthy? This was a way to cleanse and repair my body from all of the damage of over-indulging over the holidays.

It was only one day, so I figured I could handle it. I don’t know that I could do more than one day of not eating and just drinking juice. It is so fresh and needs to be kept cold. It is all natural with no preservatives, so I feel like my body was thanking me all day.

To my surprise, I was really not that hungry because the drinks are so nourishing! I even went to a TRX class in the evening!

My day consisted of drinking 6 different 16 ounce drinks every 2.5 hours. I started at 8:00 a.m. and then continued every 2.5 hours throughout the day.

I took a picture of some of them so you can see the ingredients in each drink. The ingredients are very interesting but well designed so they are very flavorful.

For more info, visit RESTORE Cold Pressed. They are located right in Cleveland and you can order the drinks online and pick them up at the store.

This was my first drink of the day. Tasted pretty good, very vegetable-ish but very drinkable.


This one was actually really tasty! Very fruity with the apple in it.


I was a little nervous since this had cayenne pepper. I thought it would be spicy but it was not.


This one was absolutely delicious! I would seriously drink this as a dessert and to think that it is extremely healthy and all natural! I enjoyed every sip!


For more info, visit RESTORE Cold Pressed

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