Hand-Foot-and-Mouth through a Mom’s Eyes

I am not a Doctor. Let me repeat, I am not a Doctor. However, I am a Mom of two kids age 7 and 5 and I am a caregiver to two toddlers age 13 months and 18 months. I feel I can confidently speak from experience when I say that HFM sucks to have! I have included an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic which contains professional jargon for this annoying disease. In my world, if it has the word ‘mayo’ in it, {Read More}

Gratitude is the Attitude on Thursday, 9/15!

National Thank You Day is this next Thursday, Sept. 15 – a day to remind Americans to stop and show appreciation for the people and many gifts in their lives. On a mission to encourage the everyday thank you, merci®, the makers of rich, European chocolate, recently conducted a national survey on gratitude and thankfulness. Thank yous aren’t just for grand gestures and big holidays. They’re for the everyday moments and the people that make your life a little easier {Read More}

Unload Dishwasher Faster by Loading Efficiently

Ugh. Sigh. The dishwasher needs unloading……AGAIN! That’s every mom’s complaint. However, if you load it more efficiently, it will save you a few extra minutes each day. Think categories. Think drawers. Think cupboards. By keeping all the same size bowls in the same area and same size dishes together, you can quickly grab them, stack them, and put them into their spot in the cupboard. Also, keep the same type of knives together, the same size forks, spoons, and so on. That {Read More}

Introducing Cleveland’s Top Resume Writer, Kris McGuigan

Ladies, if you are looking to take your career to the next level – whether you are stepping back into the workforce or looking for your next big promotion – you need to talk with Cleveland’s Top Resume Writer, Kris McGuigan. Kris is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and the trusted career advisor for professional women everywhere. As a certified resume writer and career coach, Kris creates and delivers career marketing tools that get results. Check her out at www.professionalcourage.com or {Read More}

Speedy Snack Ideas For Kids!

Do you feel like your kids are “always starving” and there’s nothing to eat? Are you bored with the same old snack ideas in your house? Well, hopefully this puts some taste back in those buds of yours! Try these quick and simple tasty snack ideas: Edamame: Buy in your grocer’s freezer section and steam in the bag in the micro. They can be bought already shelled, but that kinda takes the fun out of it. Add sea salt and enjoy! Apples with {Read More}

Fun Kids Cleaning Routine

We know what you must be thinking! “There’s no possible way to make cleaning “fun” for kids”. While it is true kids and grown-ups largely differ in their understanding of what is fun and what is not, it is possible to organise things so as to make cleaning a little bit more interesting and exciting. Why is this important? The sooner you teach your child it is their responsibility to maintain their living space neat and clean, the better. This {Read More}

Standing Desk – Sitting is the New Smoking

How many hours do you sit each day? I only sit during meetings now. When I am at my desk, I am standing up. Not only do I have more energy, but you actually burn more calories when you are standing versus sitting. I also tend to move around more since I am already standing up. This is my new set-up at home with a tall dresser and I do the same thing at work with a taller file cabinet. {Read More}

How to Pose For Photos

There are so many pictures on social media today! Make sure you are always looking your best with these helpful tips from a fellow blogger Ashley Lauren Dickinson. You won’t be nervous with tags anymore! Check out how to pose for photos. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

The Best Snow Day Activities for Kids!

Are your kids bored being indoors yet? I have two young boys and in the summer they are outside all day. It’s been cold in Cleveland and there isn’t even any snow outside, which means no sledding or snowman making. Just cold. Needless to say they are getting a little restless. They keep asking when it will be warm so they can enjoy the outdoors again. I hate to tell them they still have a long way to go. So {Read More}

Baby Powder to Untangle Necklace Knots

I have a favorite necklace that I wear most days of the week. Sometimes I’ll switch it out for a statement necklace though. Somehow between taking it off to switch it up, knots have appeared in the thin chain of my necklace…ugh! One of my friends just happened to mention to me that she heard that baby powder can help remove knots from necklace chains. I decided to test it out and give it a try. I place some baby {Read More}