Valentine Box Ideas and Kids Exchange

  My children’s preschool does not allow kids to bring in Valentine’s cards, or treats or anything! They do a Valentines craft that day (which is cool and I get it). A friend has suggested that this year some of the moms and kids will get together after school and have an old fashion Valentine’s Party. You know where you bring in your decorated valentines box and go around the room and put your cards in. I thought it was {Read More}

Which Organic Produce Should I Buy?

Organic food is expensive. All food is expensive. With the growing debate of organic vs. non organic foods it is putting a lot of pressure on people. Obviously most of us are not buying all organic, but if we are trying to be healthy and buy a few organic items, which foods should we buy organic? Well if you can afford a few organic produce items it will help you minimize exposure to some pesticides and these are the best {Read More}

Keep the Kids Busy on Superbowl Sunday!

Hosting a Superbowl party this year? Worried about how to keep the kids occupied on the big game day. Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained at your Superbowl party. Craft Table – Set up a craft table and let kids get creative. Have them decorate football or  shaped cookies. You can even print out some football themed coloring pages and have those available. Set up a Game Room – Set up a game room {Read More}

The Bag All Moms Need this Summer “Scout” Bags

The bag all Moms need this Summer is the Scout Bag. This giant fully pool functional bag is like nothing you have every seen. It’s cute, large and water proof. The original Scout Bag is called the Deano pictured above but they have all shapes and sizes and some even larger! Deano (dee-noh) n. 1. Bungalow’s classic tote ideal for travel and the beach. 2. Decorative must-have everyday carry-all. 3. Also available in the Mini size. 4. Irresistable! The bags {Read More}

Soy Candles are “Safer” than Other Candles

Yes, it’s true soy candles are the better choice! I admit I love candles but some are so fragrant it got me researching is this stuff safe to breathe in? I have young children, a dog and started getting concerned about the ingredients in some popular candle products. It turns out if you love candles like I do a soy candle is the better choice for your home. Here’s why: Candle wax is made from the petroleum byproduct, paraffin. Burning {Read More}