How to Clean a Sponge?

I have to admit I am not a huge fan on sponges on my Kitchen sink, but they serve a purpose. Even though I throw almost everything into the dishwasher there is still the occassional baking dish or pan that needs a good scrub. My mother in law did teach me a great trick to clean those nasty, smelly sponges that works great. If you take any old sponge that has been lying around place it on top of a {Read More}

Happy Family Eco-Friendy Easter Pinterest Contest #HFecofriendlyeaster

Make Easter a bit healthier and more eco friendly by becoming inspired through Happy Family’s Pinterest Contest. I love these. Enter and you could #win $100 worth of Happy Family products #HFecofriendlyeaster Happy Family Brand are organic meals and snacks for babies, tots and kids.

A New Kids Drink – Little Me Tea

Last night around 10:00 pm I stopped by a Twitter Chat #HolisticMoms. It was hosted by @HolisticMomsNet and @HMNMama along with @Organic_PR. It was great. A group of Moms gathered and talked about a lot of the new food and drink options on the market. Organic of course, and some new products that I have never heard of (I do consider myself to be on top of this stuff too). One product they were giving away and that they mentioned {Read More}

Bikram and Me, pregnant with #2

Just after we decided to ”stop trying” I found out I was pregnant with #2. And, because we were not “trying” I was not paying attention to the calendar and just going about my daily business. It’s funny, too, during your first trimester of pregnancy exhaustion really sets in. It’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down and take it easy, because your growing a baby – and let’s be honest, that takes a lot of energy to {Read More}

Traveling With Kids Tips

We are going on our first family vacation in April. My kids are 5 and 3 and I can’t believe it either. My older son went on vacation when he was 18 months old I was 7 months preggo (so I don’t really count that as a vacation for me : ) When Sean was born he was born with a rare genetic disease called Citrullinemia needless to say our world was turned upside down. Vacations were something we dreamed {Read More}

My Son Has a 5 Year Old Bad Attitude

What happen to my cute little toddler? It was like one morning I woke up and my little cutie Ryan was gone (he is still cute) and I woke up to this 5 year old bad ass with an attitude? What happened? I can’t say for sure but he just turned 5 in January so it happened recently. Everything I ask him to do he says: No! I’m busy I’m too tired right now No I can’t I won’t! Everything {Read More}

I Think It’s Time for a Reward Chart

Everyday I hear “What are we going to do fun today?” It’s hard when it’s the dead of winter because I do feel bad the kids are cooped up in the house. I do try and take them out and do fun stuff. However, it gets exhausting and can get expensive. I can’t justify spending $100 a day on kids entertainment. After paying for their tickets, food, snacks and whatever else is involved an outing for me and two kids {Read More}

Easter Treats and Crafts

Check out these cute an easy Easter treats. Most of these are so simple the kids could really help out. Easy on the mess scale too.

The Boys at the Jumpyard

We took the boys to the Jumpyard yesterday. The Jumpyard is a giant place filled with bounce houses, slides and video games. The kids love it! They had a blast yesterday and won a lot of prizes with all their tickets they earned from the arcade.

Holly Madison Placenta Pills Anyone?

Celebrities are always up on the latest trends. Holly Madison is one of them. She is saying that she has plans for her placenta after she delivers her baby daughter. “This might sound gross, but I’m totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth,” the former Playboy model, 33, wrote on her blog on Wednesday, Feb. 27. “I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I {Read More}