Decorate Safely with Flameless Candles

Courtney’s mantel (pictured above) looks fabulous this year! I took a picture of it when I was at her house because I thought it looked better than some I have seen on Pinterest! She told me she bought the flameless candles (pictured) from QVC and got a great deal on them. They are called Luminara Candles. I had no idea they were even flameless candles because they looked so real! The faux flames even move around! The craziest thing is {Read More}

Holiday Shopping with zulily

I am obsessed with the shopping website zulily! I found out about it through a friend a couple of years ago and became addicted. You can get daily or weekly alerts and I am always intrigued with all of the unique brands they feature with amazing discounts. The site features designer items up to 70% off! Just in case you guys are interested in zulily, you don’t have to sign up/pay for anything to join and have access to these {Read More}

Reasons to Start Halloween Prep NOW!

Preparation for the Halloween celebration, in the U.S. at least, is second only to Christmas! So many people love celebrating “All Hallow’s Eve” and the necessary preparation required to make it a fun and exciting time! You are Halloween Preppers and here are all the necessities for an eventful holiday. Check out 7 Reasons to Start Halloween Prep NOW! by CourtneyDolinar at Mode Disclosure: I am a Mode Contributor.

Moms Feel Like Your on Vacation in Your Own Backyard with these Tips!

Check out Moms Feel Like Your on Vacation in Your Own Backyard by CourtneyDolinar at Mode Want a quick escape? You don’t have to travel much further than your own backyard! Being a Mom is tough relax put your feet up and create a back yard oasis that is on budget. Check out my story on Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from