Brain Hat-ters is smart AND fun!

Sometimes kids don’t want to wear a bike helmet. Sometimes they don’t like the one they have because it’s too “babyish”. Not anymore! Little Medical School has come up with Brain Hat-ters. A fun, cool way to explain how important bike helmet safety really is. New for 2017 is the launch of a retail line of award-winning educational kits and products, created in response to demand from family participants of the Little Medical School locations. On the surface of Brain Hat-ters {Read More}

Mouthguard Challenge Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

I have played a lot of games in my time. I have reviewed a lot of games in my blogging career. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compares to Mouthguard Challenge, by Identity Games!!      My husband and I tried it out first while the boys were sleeping and I had to shut their door and move into another room because we were laughing so loud our bellies hurt!   First, it’s the way you look with this huge mouthguard {Read More}

My First Lab deserves a “Wow!” for WOW Scope

From the creators at My First Lab , WOW Scope is awesome! My 7-yr-old up to my 12-yr-old nephew, they were both literally saying, “Wow!” It is very easy to set up and you can start using as soon as you add batteries. We started with the included specimens but were quickly looking at everything from coins to fingerprints to strands of our hair! Very happy we got this because it’s a learning tool without being a boring tool! The {Read More}

Ladies Love a LettuceLuck!

LettuceLuck….my cutesie take on a Potluck! Or call it a Salad Share. Whatever you call it, do yourself a favor and get a few friends together for some yummy greens and even better toppings! We were so tired of the lame lunch options all the time while staying healthy. We did this on a workday when everyone only had an hour to spare. To save time, chop/dice/slice ahead of time. Here’s what you need: Get a group text going. Everyone {Read More}

COOP Sports helps cool you off this summer with extra fun!

Summer is officially here and whether it’s pool & beach toys and games, or backyard or schoolyard games, COOP Sports has kids of all ages covered! With Hydro’s incredible line of all-condition recreational sports gear, kids are enticed to get out there and make a splash every day. The backyard, lakeside or pool are ideal spots for these 100% waterproof toys that allow uninterrupted play. Plus they look good and perform great! Hydro Football • Ages 5+ • $12.99 Ready {Read More}

3 Cleaning Project Ideas for Kids!

I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say kids and organization are blood enemies. Even if you so much as try to sustain a tidy home and cleaning schedule, you’ll soon realize that this is quite hard when your triplets are running around and rearranging the rooms how they’d like better. And there is nothing wrong with that. They just now start to discover the world as it is and their curiosity is peaking. The way they interact {Read More}

Ditzy Patchwork Silk Diamond Scarf by Echo

Echo is a leader in creating innovative and beautifully designed fashion accessories and home products. Have you visited their website, You should. It’s stunning. On top of bedding collections, swim and beach attire, bags, towels, table linens, hats, and indoor/outdoor accents, to name a few, they are also a designer scarf brand. Their scarf designs are top-notch! The history of this company dates back over 9 decades. Some of the highlights include a partnership with Polo/Ralph Lauren in 1984 when Echo became the sole {Read More}

VertiPlayTM Tree Top Adventure

“Clean up this floor!” “Pick up your toys!” Sound familiar, Moms? Well, that’s all over thanks to the folks at VertiPlay! When they created the Tree Top Adventure all of our shouting was silenced! Because these visually pleasing toys stick to a vertical surface! There is nothing to trip over, no parts to retrieve from the carpet. Place at a child’s height and let their fingers do the playing. Parents who have seen these toys immediately remark how they remind them {Read More}

VertiPlayTM Door Knockers encourage privacy and fun!

Knock, knock, NOW we know who’s there! Thanks to the people at VertiPlay who have developed these adorable door knockers, we are finally able to teach manors in a fun, playful way.    Once you have selected your favorite (It might be a green CrroakyTM, an orange RoarryTM or a brown Spikeyy.), simply attach to the outside of the door and let the learning begin. If there is a smooth, non-textured surface — like a door or wall — then there’s a {Read More}

Trick kids into learning on a Snow Day!

Snow days can be so exciting…..if you’re a kid! Parents, however, need to call off work or scramble in the wee hours of the morning to find a sitter. Not to mention the dreaded question…. “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY?” When they are over the excitement of playing in the fluffy white stuff outside, make some inside! My son and niece wanted to bake a white cake with white frosting for their Snow Day celebration! So I decided to sneak {Read More}