Neat-Oh! Star Wars Episode 7 Character Storage Bin

With the Star Wars Episode 7 Character Storage Bin by Neat-Oh! you finally have a cool place to put all their stuff! It holds up to 1000 bricks, figures, and other toys and accessories. My boys decided it was perfect for all their police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. Thankfully, now those toys have their own bin instead of all over the floor!           This storage bin not only helps decrease clutter, it makes the toys easier to find when they are needed in an {Read More}

Neat-Oh! Star Wars ZipBin® Space Case

Traveling around with toys? Life just got easier with the Neat-Oh! Star Wars Zip Bin Space Case! Not only can you take this with you just about anywhere, it unzips to become a play mat which increases the fun! Brilliant!       My boys quickly filled it with cars and guys, carried it into the family room where there was plenty of floor space and unzipped the bin to play. As a mom, I love that it has a lid, {Read More}

Neat-Oh! Splushy Clicker Dolphin

Splish, splash, you can take it in the bath! Splushy Clicker Dolphin by Neat-Oh! is the perfect, fun toy for your little one who likes to get wet and play! We chose the adorable dolphin and she is so cute! Clicker is her name and she comes with a removable tutu. At 11 inches, she is the perfect size to snuggle with. I love that it has antimicrobial filling that is perfect for bath time! Most bath toys leave behind {Read More}

Nici Wonderland Miniclara the Cowgirl

Nici Wonderland Miniclara the Cowgirl by Neat-Oh! is super cute! At 11.81 inches tall she is the perfect size for your little cowgirl to tote around. She is so soft and cuddly! Her hat is removable, but held on by her adorable hairstyle if you choose. Her body has beads inside so she is able to sit anywhere. At such an affordable price, Miniclara the Cowgirl should be on her Holiday list this year! You can purchase on both Amazon {Read More}

North Pole Kids’ Club – Membership Kit to Be a Part of Santa’s Team of Junior Elves – 20% Off Discount Code

North Pole Kids’ Club is the most fun way for kids to be a part of Santa’s Team of Junior Elves! My daughter has been on her best behavior lately just knowing that she is a Junior Elf. She received an official certificate with her name on it. Now that she knows how to spell her name, once she saw the certificate she really thought it was from Santa. Every North Pole Kid tries to be nice. She feels like {Read More}

MiO Playing+Eating+Sleeping+Working+2 People is the “it” toy!

It’s a playhouse…’s a Ninja obstacle course…’s a campground! The MiO Playing+Eating+Sleeping+Working+2 People from The Manhattan Toy Company can be all of that to your little make-believer and much more! What I really liked about this product was that the construction, colors, and design easily make each piece adaptable to any circumstance and for every boy AND girl. At first, I was going to gift this to my niece for Christmas. After all, I saw it as a doll house. No, No, No, {Read More}

Circuit Scribe Is For More Than Just Kids This Holiday Season!

  Giving the gift of the Circuit Scribe this holiday season will definitely put you on the “Favorite List”! Circuit Scribe allows you to draw your own circuits while putting a fun twist on it for youngsters. When I ordered the Ultimate Kit, I had no idea what to expect. Boy, was I happy! There are tons of different ways to experiment with the included pieces. There is a very detailed information booklet that lays out lots of different scenarios. This is a {Read More}

Kids, Let’s Get Cooking with Handstand Kitchen!

Kids love to help out in the Kitchen! If your kids love Kitchen cooking as much as mine I have the perfect product for you! Handstand Kitchen, lets chefs as young as preschoolers measure, toss, stir and bake with amazing results from Chicken Lettuce Wraps to Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Of course wearing a pint-size chef’s hat, apron and holding junior-sized utensils makes this delicious fun! We tested out the Pizza Making Set. My kids love pizza, but it has {Read More}

Engaging Projection Alarm Clock is a Bright Idea!

Big Red Rooster company does it again! This alarm clock is so fun and comes in three different animals. We chose the dinosaur for our home, but the cat and dog looked really cute too! You can also choose from 4 prehistoric images as well as the digital time projected onto the ceiling. In our home, each night they take turns choosing the image. This “little game” helps actually get them into their bedroom at night without a struggle. It is {Read More}

Connecting Words with Anaxi is SO FUN!

We just played Anaxi for the first time ever! It was so much fun! Anaxi is SO FUN to play with a group of people. Especially with fall approaching and chilli nights in the house, this will give your family and friends something new, fun and different to do! We played it with just me, my husband and daughter and had such a fun time! It’s bright, colorful, and my daughter likes to work the hour glass timer. It is {Read More}