If This Isn’t Motivation…

I was working out at Functions of Life and saw this. It motivated me so much that I had to share it! “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

Protes Protein Chips – Toasted Coconut

Summer is here and we can all benefit from finding a delicious snack that is actually healthy! My husband found these at the store and I couldn’t believe how amazing they tasted AND the nutritional value! http://www.nashuanutrition.com/store/snacks-and-treats/protes-protein-chips-toasted-coconut-1-bag.html I am trying to eat more protein to get the max benefit from my workouts, and these have 15 grams of protein per serving! There are many flavors but I LOVE the Coconut! Description Delightful baked crisps with 15 grams of protein. Gluten {Read More}

What I Ate Today: Tips For Eating Clean During the Week!

I always work out hard and try to eat healthy during the week. The weekends are another story because you can’t be good ALL the time. I’ve been trying to eat really healthy, especially during the week, so that I can see more results from my sweat sessions. I am finding that the most important things are: 1. Avoid cakes, candies, cookies, donuts and pies 2. Avoid white bread (whole wheat is fine with portion control) 3. Eat protein with {Read More}

Isagenix IsaLean Amazing Protein Shakes

www.livingtheisalife.isaenix.com When I was working out with my sister-in-law, she told me about these new protein shakes she and her husband haven been drinking as a snack and/or for recovery after her workout. They are also used as a weight loss tool, but she has no weight to lose because she is in amazing shape, so they can simply be used as a convenient snack or meal on the go. Just like any shakes, you can add peanut butter, fruit, {Read More}

Delicious, Healthy Salad with Tofu

My best friend always cooks the freshest, healthiest, delicious meals! Lucky for me – I get to enjoy them with her! The last time I was at her house, she made a salad with fresh vegetables, hard boiled eggs, blueberries, and topped it with cooked tofu. It was healthy and filling because of all of the protein in the tofu and hard boiled eggs. It only took about 15 minutes to prepare, so it would be a great salad to {Read More}

Kick it for YSP and Sweat for a Cause at the Brecksville United Methodist Church – Monday, March 6th

http://www.brecksvilleumc.com/?pgid=Home&pgcat=Home Monday: CARDIO KICKBOXING AND STRENGTH ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS CLASS WILL BE DONATED TO SUPPORT THE BRECKSVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH “MUSIC WITH A MISSION” Brecksville United Methodist Church is hosting their annual “Music with a Mission” fundraiser on March 10, 2017. The purpose of this event is to raise money to help fund the Youth Service Project that will take place this summer in Milton, Pennsylvania. On this mission trip, our high school students will help paint, dry wall, {Read More}

What NOT to Eat in 2017

I am always focusing on what healthy food I should be eating. But I saw the article below by Jenna Rosenstein on Yahoo that focuses on what we should NOT eat. We’ve all probably been eating a lot more thank usual over the holidays, and I’m sure it’s on all of our lists to eat better in the new year. If not for weight loss, than for just overall health. The one that stands out the most to me is {Read More}

Don’t Forget to Fit in Your Workouts During the Holidays

There’s so much going on with the holidays coming up! That’s why it’s especially important to fit in your workouts to de-stress and feel your best. I love this new popsugar article on yahoo from Michelle Foley to keep us focused and motivated to work out during the holidays. It also helps us feel a little less guilty when we imbibe and indulge! Check out some of the great popsugar articles to keep us motivated during the holidays: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/How-Prevent-Weight-Gain-During-Holidays-20244679 Ways {Read More}

Refreshinq is the Refreshinqly Simple Alternative to Other Supplement Stores

Vitamins and supplements are so important to be healthy, especially when you live in Ohio and the winter is approaching. The Refreshinq Co. focuses on delivering your body the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. This helps you focus on your body’s energy, fitness, and even weight support. Sometimes when I take vitamins, they can make me a little bit nauseous depending on what I eat when I take them. That is why I really enjoy the support patches, {Read More}

FitnessGenes – My DNA Analysis is Complete!

I was so excited to hear that my DNA analysis was complete and could not believe how accurate my results were! I learned so much about myself including details about my diet, exercise, genetics and even which sleep patterns that work best for me. It gave well-informed details about my endurance, speed, and even muscle strength based on my genes. I couldn’t believe that they actually provided information about my blood pressure based on my DNA, especially since high blood {Read More}