Reuse and Recycle at Home!

Towards the end of summer, the grass is dry and crunchy. The flower pots start to get “leggy” and the blossoms spread out. Unless you want your water bill to skyrocket, now is the time to do your part from the comfort of your home and conserve water! Here are a few helpful tips that I do myself: When you know a storm is coming, put your watering cans outside and move those pots from your deck or covered patio {Read More}

Kid’s Cute Placemat

Having trouble getting your little one to sit at the dinner table long enough to actually eat dinner? Try making them a personalized placemat! All you need is an 11×17 colorful piece of construction paper, pictures, and items to decorate (stickers, markers, etc.). Embellish both sides if you’re feeling up for it! Since you will be taking this to a local copy shop or office supply store to laminate, just make sure you don’t use excessive glue, crayons, or colored pencils, {Read More}

The Best Snow Day Activities for Kids!

Are your kids bored being indoors yet? I have two young boys and in the summer they are outside all day. It’s been cold in Cleveland and there isn’t even any snow outside, which means no sledding or snowman making. Just cold. Needless to say they are getting a little restless. They keep asking when it will be warm so they can enjoy the outdoors again. I hate to tell them they still have a long way to go. So {Read More}

Jamberry Nails – The New Hype Around Decorative Nails!

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with Jamberry!?!? I had never heard of it until another mom from my daughter’s dance class showed me her and her daughter’s gorgeous nails! It generated a discussion among all of the other moms and we were all really interested in giving them a try. It sounds like Jamberry is the new hype around decorative nails! They are heat and pressure activated vinyl nail wraps that last up to 2 {Read More}


As you all know, I love doing fun crafty projects with my daughter. We are sidewalk chalk fanatics! When the PomTree Affordable Craft Kits arrived in the mail, my daughter could not wait to open the boxes and start making the pillow crafts. The boxes are fun, bright and show an image of the pillow creature inside. Many nice and sunny days are ahead for playing outside, but we all know that April showers bring May flowers and some rainy {Read More}

Fun Shell Project for Spring Break

We took our daughter to Florida and enjoyed one day as a couple at the beach while our darling daughter spent the day with her grandparents. She had so much fun collecting shells with her grandma and they used the shells to make the adorable project with a the shells, a mason jar and some twine. My daughter loves doing crafts, and this is actually one that I will keep and set out. I thought it was really cute! So, {Read More}

Banners For Your Next Event

I ordered a 3×2 Vinyl Banner from BannerBuzz for my daughter’s birthday. I picked a design that I could use year after year as a back drop or just to add festivity to her birthday parties over the years. I was also thinking I could hang it behind where we take the picture of her blowing out her candles or use it as a sign to mark the venue and make it easy to find the location where her party {Read More}

Baby Powder to Untangle Necklace Knots

I have a favorite necklace that I wear most days of the week. Sometimes I’ll switch it out for a statement necklace though. Somehow between taking it off to switch it up, knots have appeared in the thin chain of my necklace…ugh! One of my friends just happened to mention to me that she heard that baby powder can help remove knots from necklace chains. I decided to test it out and give it a try. I place some baby {Read More}

Quick Easy Valentine for 22 Kids

My daughter has 22 kids to exchange Valentines with at school, so I picked up these Hello Kitty Valentines at Five Below. I like that they came with a sucker. Then I bought the heart rings at Target, which I thought were pretty cute. I just put the ring on the sucker and wove it through the paper and then taped the bottom to secure it. Wah lah! I had every intention of getting a little more creative, but that’s {Read More}

Quick Valentine’s Day Center Piece

I went to a friend’s for girl’s night last weekend and she had some adorable Valentine’s Day decorations. This was her centerpiece and I loved it. She told me that she got the idea from Pinterest. I gave her a heads up that I might have to steal the idea since it was so cute. I went and bought some candy hearts at the grocery store and brought them home. Then I engaged my daughter by letting her know that {Read More}