Santa’s Little Helper Craft Kit

Looking for a cute Christmas craft kit for the kids? You need to check out Santa’s Little Helper. This craft kit was perfect for my 8 and 9 year old boys. This was an all-inclusive craft direct from Santa’s workshop! First read the Santa’s Little Helper storybook and then receive your visit from Santa’s elf with your North Pole Toolkit. Decorate 5 reindeer ornaments for Santa and then give them away as gifts to family and friends. Don’t forget the {Read More}

My First Lab deserves a “Wow!” for WOW Scope

From the creators at My First Lab , WOW Scope is awesome! My 7-yr-old up to my 12-yr-old nephew, they were both literally saying, “Wow!” It is very easy to set up and you can start using as soon as you add batteries. We started with the included specimens but were quickly looking at everything from coins to fingerprints to strands of our hair! Very happy we got this because it’s a learning tool without being a boring tool! The {Read More}

Boho Chic Bracelets

My sister and I have long loved the idea of “sister jewelry” – meaningful pieces that we both can wear that remind us of each other when we’re apart (which is often, since she lives in Colorado and I live in Ohio). When her good friend Heather began making her own jewelry and featuring them on, I knew we had found our next purchase! Heather’s handmade bracelets and necklaces are unique, edgy and feature a wide variety of stones {Read More}

Glass Bubble Project is Clearly Amazing!

Trying to figure out something to do so Date Night is not so typical? Can’t decide what to get for the newly married couple? Sick of doing the same old arts and crafts with your kids? Go to Glass Bubble Project, which is Cleveland’s premier glassblowing studio and gallery, located in Ohio City near the world-famous West Side Market for over 20 years! They specialize in industrial design using repurposed and recycled materials, in a relaxed and welcoming space. If you haven’t had {Read More}

Kids Matisse Craft

The art of Henri Matisse is not just for adults and art historians. Your child can learn about this famous artist too! Let your kindergartener use Matisse’s bold style as inspiration to create a unique and funky paper shapes collage. This artistic project will help your child increase his fine motor skills and improve shape recognition skills. This activity is a great way to follow up a family visit to the art museum, whether you see an original Matisse or {Read More}

Win a Free Get Qurious Maker Box

Did you read our recent post about the Get Qurious Maker Box? Visit the company’s Facebook page at and you could be one of three lucky winners of a FREE box! The Get Qurious Maker Box is available on the company’s web site and on

Valentine’s Day Fun

On cold and snowy Sunday afternoons, sometimes it’s fun to just stay in. My daughter’s kindergarten class is creating a post office for their valentines to understand the process of how mail is sorted and delivered. We hit the Dollar Tree and bought some valentines and stickers and got to work. It actually took us a while to get them all filled out and sealed, but it was fun! She is also celebrating her 100th day of school this week {Read More}


MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: GEOSMART™LUNAR ROVER is a really cool toy that has tons and tons of possibilities for kids of all ages. My boys instantly put together their Lunar Rover from looking at the cover of the box and their imagination took over from there!     Other building toys usually come with step by step instructions which leaves little room for the imagination. This 30-piece magnetic construction set features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels which encouraged their creativity to go {Read More}

Decorative Sand and Jewel Vases

My mother-in-law and I went to Solia Spa for facials and when we were wondering around the waiting room when we spotted these gorgeous decorative sand and jewel vases. I was raving to my mother-in-law about how pretty they are and how great they would look as a centerpiece on my island in my kitchen. She told me that she thought they would be easy to replicate with some sand and jewels from a craft store. To my surprise, I {Read More}

Circuit Scribe Is For More Than Just Kids This Holiday Season!

  Giving the gift of the Circuit Scribe this holiday season will definitely put you on the “Favorite List”! Circuit Scribe allows you to draw your own circuits while putting a fun twist on it for youngsters. When I ordered the Ultimate Kit, I had no idea what to expect. Boy, was I happy! There are tons of different ways to experiment with the included pieces. There is a very detailed information booklet that lays out lots of different scenarios. This is a {Read More}