Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Face? #Beauty

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t the best smelling product but this stuff is a real miracle worker. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most amazing products it does so many things I wouldn’t even be able to list them all! Recently I heard about the benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar on your face. That’s right your face! Apple Cider Vinegar actually has a really long history of cosmetic use. It is like a tonic for the skin, improving blood {Read More}

Fish Eating My Feet Pedicure

I have seen this in spa magazines but have not seen it offered at any spa in Cleveland, OH or other states and countries I have visited. When I saw that it was an option at the Secrets, Playa Mujeres resort located outside of Cancun, I decided to go for it. Some people think I am crazy but it was awesome! The fish have no teeth, so it does not hurt at all whatsoever, but it does tickle a little {Read More}

Obsession This Week: Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional #Beauty

I have always struggled with visible pores and the older I get the more I hate it! I was in Sephora last week searching for a solution and came across this little gem from Benefit Cosmetics, The POREfessional. This is a cream you apply after your moisturizer but before your foundation. I am loving how it works! It is a skin colored cream that I use around my nose and forehead and the results are amazing! Big fan, which is {Read More}

Ombre Nails

I love the color pink! Sometimes when I get a manicure, I just don’t know which shade of pink to pick. I decided to try ombre nails and they are so fun! And I can wear any color pink with them! I even did a sparkle as an accent nail on my ring finger. This is a fun look for a vacation or just a way to add some bright fun to the grey winter. I used to get acrylics {Read More}

Beauty Box 5 November Box Review @BeautyBox5 #HolidayGiftGuide

I loved getting a special treat in the mail this month from Beauty Box 5. This was my first time getting a beauty box subscription gift, I was really impressed! I have thought about signing up for some other Beauty Boxes before but after reading reviews or social media posts most have a bad rep! Beauty Box 5 is first off very affordable! It is $12 per month or $30 per quarter or $99 for the whole year! That includes {Read More}