Butcher and the Brewer, Cleveland


I went to the Butcher and the Brewer a couple of weeks ago with a bachelorette party with 20 girls. We had a pre-selected menu with many delicious items including an asparagus salad, beat salad, tofu stir-fry, calamari, burger, tacos and more. I could not believe how good the wine, food and service was, especially with such a big group of people. I impressed the most by the fact that our food came out all at once with a group of 20 and was actually hot and served all at once.

There was a great crowd and it definitely seems like a new Cleveland hot spot. They brew their own beer and wine, and the brewery equipment adds to the fun decor and atmosphere.

The restrooms are downstairs and the mens and womens restrooms are separated by doors, but there is communal sink in the middle that everyone shares, which is a bit interesting.

I highly recommend the taco “snack” plate:



The calamari was a hit!

I had a wonderful experience can can’t wait to go back!

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