Boxed: A Great New App Everyone Could Use! #Boxed

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Who doesn’t love shopping for bulk items at huge discounts? You know what I don’t love about it? Being in large crowds searching for deals, going down isle after isle looking for what I need, and waiting in long lines. Well now there is Boxed!

Boxed is an App. It’s warehouse club shopping on your smartphone and tablet but there are no membership fees and no shipping fees. I love bulk snacks. I have two boys and they eat the minute they wake up until it’s time to go to bed. I try and keep this house equip with lots of healthy snacking options, Boxed is perfect for me. I was searching last night and found a 54 oz Organic Coconut Oil for $17.99. That is a great deal. They also had an 18 pack of Kind Bars for $22.00. Read more about Boxed here.

It does look like the require a minimum purchase amount for free shipping, but it looks like it’s only $30.00 which is not bad at all. We are going to need back to school lunch snacks soon ladies….check out Boxed to save some time and money!

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