Boho Chic Bracelets

My sister and I have long loved the idea of “sister jewelry” – meaningful pieces that we both can wear that remind us of each other when we’re apart (which is often, since she lives in Colorado and I live in Ohio). When her good friend Heather began making her own jewelry and featuring them on, I knew we had found our next purchase!

Shades of blue wrap bracelet

Heather’s handmade bracelets and necklaces are unique, edgy and feature a wide variety of stones and materials. She can create custom pieces for any occasion (mother/daughter matching as well as bachelorette party and wedding party sets). She also has created jewelry as favors for girls’ birthday parties, an idea that I LOVE! My sister and I simply told Heather that we wanted something simple and timeless that was feminine and versatile. We were thrilled with the result!

Matching bracelets… they go well with glasses of wine!


I also love Heather’s inspiration for creating her jewelry, which she explains on her Etsy page:

“Handmade in the moment – A lovely reminder to stay present in all you do

Beading started as therapy for me. It provided me with time to sit, clear my mind, and be completely present in the creative process. I would find myself breathing just a little deeper and feeling a sense of calm after allowing myself this time in my day. When the results of my therapeutic beading sessions brought many compliments from friends and family, I decided to start sharing my creations with others. My hope is that these bracelets are not only a unique and fabulous addition to your wardrobe, but also a reminder to slow down and be present in your day. I encourage you to try and be “Here and Now” in all you do.”

Good advice for all of us! So, think you found your next jewelry item, too? For a limited time (through July 31), visit Heather’s Etsy shop and use the code MOMFABFUN for 20% off! Happy shopping!

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