Bedtime cuddles and story wrapped up into one with STORY 2 SLEEP

Bedtime has always been one of my favorite parts of the day.  Are you laughing?  Thinking “of coarse it is…that’s when the children go to bed and you have time for yourself”.  Well…that may be a portion of it (not gonna lie), but more than that it’s an opportunity for me to sit cuddled up with my sweet children in a cozy blanket, smell their clean little heads and read to them.  From the time my kids were only a few months old I have always gotten into a habbit of reading to them before naps, or bed.  It was so cute to watch them look a the colorful pictures and feel the textures when they were little bitty.  I would love to watch their faces crinkle up or hear them squeal if it was something new to see.  As they have gotten older I still enjoy reading to them and allowing their minds to create the pictures, or even allow them to read to me!


Reading has always been very important to me.  It allows me to relax and esacpe into another land.  I truly enjoy trying to figure out what a character looks like or where they live. It’s also something that I have tried to install in my children.  So… as soon as I came across the STORY 2 SLEEP  blanket AND a bedtime story book combination I was so curious! I had to get it!  It did not disappoint!! My kids and I love it!!


When we opened up the STORY 2 SLEEP box we found a neatly packaged blanket that was folded up just like a sleeping bag.  The outside of the blanket felt like a sleeping bag, while the inside was so very soft! The colors were extremely vibrant, so even though it wasn’t pink my daughter loved it! There is a small opening at the top where the book can be attached to the bag and tucked away when not being read.


Now let’s tak about the book….It’s HUGE!  And not like it’s to big…it’s awesome big!  The illustrations were vivid and fun and the story print was big enough for young readers.

Not only can you read to them, or visa versa an app can be scanned downloaded so that it can be read outloud to them while they read along.   All 3 of my children (3, 8, 9) truly enjoyed the Story 2 Sleep blanket and have asked if they could get the next stoy to read.


This blanket would make a great Birthday, or Christmas gift for a child.  It’s is very unique, fun and educational.  Making bedtime fun for all!  Choose from a Pink or Blue blanket at Amazon.

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Learn to Read Blanket

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