Baby Beluga Board Game ~ A Great Holiday Gift for Children Ages 3-10

If there is one thing I truly enjoy hearing from my children it is the invitation to play a family game!   I’ve said it before having an age gap between my youngest and oldest can make game time a bit difficult.  Everyone wants to have fun, be challenged and my daughter wants so badly to keep up.   BABY BELUGA was a great game for all three of them to play together while leaning to work as a TEAM to save Baby Beluga!  Yep…that’s right…I said “work as a TEAM”; and as much as I like my kiddos to know the importance of winning/trying your best on an individual level, I also believe in the importane of teaching them to win/cooperate as a team.

Most children have lots of opportunity to play competitive games where someone wins and naturally, someone loses. Whether it’s a soccer match, video game or racing to be first, competitive games are quite the norm., a California-based company, offers another option—cooperative play. Kids get together for fun collaboration, sharing and kindness to win as a group while playing these games. Their newest offering is The Baby Beluga Game ($34.95). If it sounds familiar, then you must be a fan of Raffi’s signature song of the same name.

The catchy sing-along tune was introduced in 1980. Now four decades later, the lovable whale is back, but in a board game. The Baby Beluga Game was created, cooperatively, by Raffi and fair-trade, indie game developer Suzanne Lyons of It features paintings by Ashley Wolff, who illustrated Raffi’s Baby Beluga book, and comes with a free download of the Baby Beluga song and a 32-page illustrated booklet.

Why a whale and why now? “I designed The Baby Beluga Game,” explains Lyons, “to support the loving, pro-social nature of children. I’m concerned that competitive games send the message that winning only happens when we out-do others. Cooperative games show we can play together so we all win at the same time. Whales, like Baby Beluga, are intelligent animals that have happy social lives based on cooperation. There’s no better role model for cooperative play than Baby Beluga in my opinion.”

The Baby Beluga Game • Ages 3+ • $34.95
The board game’s goal is simple — players win by helping Baby Beluga and Friends swim wild and free. As they ponder the next move, children from ages 3 to 10 do a little STEM learning, finding out about whales and ocean science in a fun way. Plenty of thought went into every aspect of the game and its contents. There’s even a little canoe to hold game pieces and keep them organized between play times!

Can players help Baby Beluga and his Friends complete the journey to swim wild and free? There could be trouble along the way. But players can win if they work together. This fun cooperative board game teaches children all about Baby Beluga and his Arctic friends as well as the ocean environment and the joys of playing together. The game is lovingly made with fair-trade practices and Earth-friendly materials in California.

Don’t forget to find your ticket for a free download of Raffi’s famous songs! Fun and catchy sing a-longs that stick with you for years to come…trust me!


There is very little assembly with this game.  A few game cards that need punched out which can be placed in the little boat provided.  This will help keep the game pieces organzed.

Inside that game booklet you will find more inforamtion and ways to get your older game players involved.  I hope you enjoy playing with your family!

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