The Perfect Ohio Couples Road Trip

My husband plans THE BEST trips! It’s usually the woman that does all the planning, but not in my household. My husband is a planner to say the least! About three times a year during hockey season, we take a trip to Columbus that is so much fun for both of us. I get to stop at Easton, an outdoor shopping mecca, and then we check into our hotel in the Arena District just in time for dinner at the {Read More}

Fun Fall Trend – Combat Boots

I am totally not into biker chick stuff, but I LOVE my new combat boots! The “tough” leather look is totally in this fall and I am very much enjoying the comfort of my combat boots. These are not something that I would typically wear, but I always ask our 15 year-old babysitter what the cool trends are (that I could still possibly pull off) and she told me to get some combat boots. So I bought some. And it {Read More}

Let’s All Lose 5!

Every year I read in fitness articles that people gain approximately five pounds over the Holidays. Then I saw this article in Fitness Magazine and it got me thinking. Some lose it after the Holidays are over and others don’t. So I came up with an idea to set a goal for myself to lose five pounds before the holidays hit. My deadline is December 1. That way my clothes will fit in January well after Santa goes back to {Read More}

Are You Kidding Me Belinda? This Takes the Cake!

Happy Halloween everyone! The weather here is northeastern Ohio could just quite simply be described as a MONSOON! So, I recycled my Wonder Woman costume from 8 years ago on a whim and had a blast! Nothing a couple of PUMKING BEERS couldn’t fix. My costume doesn’t look quite the same without the spray tan but definitely didn’t have time for that today. We took our daughter to three houses before heading home since we all were drenched, but we {Read More}

Hitting the Gym can Make You Gain Weight? What?!?!?!?!

I have always been a firm believer that working out helps you lose weight! I just read a Healthy Living article that talks about how you can actually gain weight after working out for months. According to a recent survey by Forza Supplements, it is possible for the number on the scale to go in the wrong direction. After surveying a large number of people on their diet and exercise habits, they found that 26 percent of the participants in {Read More}

I Found the Fountain of Youth

I had to go to Seattle this week for work and it’s a LOOOOOOONG trip from Cleveland with no direct flights. It became even longer when my first flight was delayed so I missed my connection after sprinting almost a mile to the gate just to find out they had already closed the doors and gave my seat away…..ugh! When I was packing the night before I left, I almost packed a big suitcase to check and boy am I {Read More}

Props to the Pumpkin!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The leaves change to beautiful colors of yellow, orange and red. I tried to teach my daughter that the reason this happens is because they lose their chlorophyll, but I accidentally said chloroform…..I think I’ve seen way too many Dateline episodes. Anyway, I figured out that my favorite thing about Fall is everything PUMPKIN! What is it about this round plant-like squash that can make anything better? An amazing pumpkin pie, a delicious {Read More}

Who is the Fairest of Them All? Sofia the First.

Sofia the First is my favorite Disney princess. So, who is she? Sofia is a little girl, a commoner, until her mom marries the king and she’s suddenly royalty. She’s sweet, polite and has such a big heart. She maintains her positive outlook even when her step sister, Amber, is rude to her or acts like she’s better than Sofia. Amber always learns her lesson in the end. I actually enjoy watching this show with my daughter, which I really {Read More}

The Most BUBBLY Martini Ever

I recently had the most wonderful martini experience at a fantastic restaurant in Denver! And believe me, I’ve tried a few. I’ve had bubbly champagne martinis, but not one that bubbled vigorously for ten minutes! I figured dry ice had to be involved so I looked up the recipe. Make this your signature drink the next time you host Girl’s Night and I guarantee none of your guests will be disappointed. • Start with a martini glass filled to 1-2” {Read More}

Who Would You Have Cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?

So, are you going to see it? I am in! Curiosity always kills me. I read the first Fifty book and liked it but wasn’t overly impressed. I even found some typos and circled them so the friend I passed the book on to next could see them. But I am the kind of person that once I start reading a book series or watching a tv series, I will only stop unless it’s intolerably horrible. Of course I read {Read More}