Wendi Glovna- Marvelous Mother of the Month

She is fun, honest, and loving. She’s Wendi Glovna and she’s our Marvelous Mother of the Month for July! She is the proud mamma of three great kids. Her oldest son is 10 and her twin daughter and son are 8. She has been married for 16 years to a great, funny guy from high school who completely compliments her. She works full-time for a financial company and still manages to make plenty of time for fun activities with her friends and family. On Halloween, it’s {Read More}

Kid’s Cute Placemat

Having trouble getting your little one to sit at the dinner table long enough to actually eat dinner? Try making them a personalized placemat! All you need is an 11×17 colorful piece of construction paper, pictures, and items to decorate (stickers, markers, etc.). Embellish both sides if you’re feeling up for it! Since you will be taking this to a local copy shop or office supply store to laminate, just make sure you don’t use excessive glue, crayons, or colored pencils, {Read More}

Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is a Must Have!

  “The Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is so cool!” That’s what I hear every time someone walks into my house.  It’s the Cocoon™, a must-have miracle on wheels that supports babies 6-months and older through daily cat naps, feedings and eventually a seat at the kitchen table! Cocoon – The Complete High Chair ($199) by Oribel!   It arrived in a nice looking box on my front doorstep. I love the slate color I chose, and I’m sure the other three color options {Read More}