As Seen on FOX8; New Day Cleveland : Homemade Snow Paint Colors

When you’re a kid what could be better than playing in the snow on a Snow Day? Ummmmm…..painting the snow while playing in the snow on a Snow Day, that’s what! With these reusable paint colors you are able to refill and transport the fun anywhere the snow falls!

After receiving the call from the Superintendent, working mom’s sometimes have a panic attack. “Ugh-What am I going to do with the kids now?”  If you are a stay-at-home-mom you likely have that same thought thinking, “Now what? What am I going to do with them allllllll daaaaaay looooooong?” Fear no more.

Here’s what you need:

  • Bucket(s)
  • Refillable small plastic spray bottles (found in the travel section at most drugstores for $.99)
  • Refillable small squeeze bottles (found at most discount stores or Dollar Stores)
  • Food coloring or icing color in primary colors so you can make your own shades (found at craft stores, cake decorating stores)
  • Rubber gloves (so it doesn’t stain your hands)
  • Craft sticks (i.e. popsicle sticks)


Put the gloves on. Simply use the sticks to scoop out a teeny tiny bit of the food/icing coloring into each of the empty spray and/or squeeze bottles. Add water to desired level and hue. Shake to mix. That’s it! Just make sure you instruct the kids to keep the color on the snow, instead of their snow gear because it may stain. You will be able to store all the supplies in the bucket(s) in the garage to remake for each and every time it snows or transport swiftly to the babysitters, grandma and grandpa’s, or anywhere you find snow! Panic attack solved, Ladies!

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