As Seen on FOX8; New Day Cleveland : Air-Dry Clay Keeps Kids Busy For Hours!

I’m so tired of play-doh. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. So, when I found this huge 2 lb tub of Air-Dry Clay from Crayola for only $4.99 at Target, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun it was! I feel like it’s the grown up version of the previously mentioned.

Just like the front of the tub says, No Baking~Dries Hard. For your personal creation, follow the instructions on the back and it’s really that simple!

We chose to add colorful beads, patterns, and paint. Don’t have any beads in a bag like I did from our local craft store? Just cut up an old necklace or bracelet. You know you have a few to spare! We made some jewelry of our own, also!


Get out some of those old tools from years ago used for play-doh. Cookie cutters also add to the fun!



My boys made a heart-shaped stone for my garden and I cannot wait for Spring to come! We made some jewelry, pins, and magnets of our own, also!


This craft takes time which is why it makes the perfect Snow Day activity! Or Valentine’s Day craft! Keep a tub on hand and you’ll be glad ya did!

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