Are You Faking It?


Get your mind out of the gutter!  I am talking about FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that it is fall, it is officially football season.  And guess what?  There are occasional Thursday games, too.  As if Sunday and Monday weren’t enough days of the week to broadcast football.

I have to say that I was faking it for about 6 years of my marriage……liking football that is.  I didn’t pretend to LOOOOOOOOOVE it, but I did pretend to like it.  I even participated in a Fantasy Football “Wives League” one year.  That was awful.  The draft was really fun because we all hung out and had cocktails but I think it might have lasted about 10 hours!!!!!!!!!  After the draft, it was just pure torture.  I even had to pay an extra fee to the team because one of my players ended up in jail!

I do like tailgating, going to the games or bars to watch football, dressing up in the Victoria’s Secret PINK NFL collection, but I suppose that is all about dressing cute and getting drunk with friends.  How can that not be fun!?!?

When my husband is watching football at home, he will see a female sportscaster on TV and say “See, she likes football!”  And I will just reply with “She’s faking it!”

So, my question for you is DO YOU REALLY LOVE FOOTBALL or ARE YOU FAKING IT?

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