Angela Kavak is a Marvelous Mom!


Angela Kavak is hands down our pick for August’s Marvelous Mom of the Month! Whether Angela is chasing down her 14-month-old son or comforting him after another unavoidable fall while learning to walk, she is always poised, calm, and collected. Her husband is a physical education teacher in the area, plus he owns his own workout facility and trains clients after school, evenings, and weekends. That means Angela and her darling little boy spend a lot of time together and she cherishes every moment. She is a strong woman, which is definitely a quality high up on our Marvelous list.


Oh…..and did we mention she is a teacher too?! Those families who are lucky enough to have her lead their elementary children know that they scored big! She is constantly striving to continue her education and keep up on the latest trends in teaching. Her classroom is cutely designed in such a classy, clean, fun way. At her son’s first birthday party you would’ve thought you actually stepped onto the set of that show Sandra Lee used to have on the Food Channel, Semi-Homemade, because everything coordinated, complimented, or matched. Kind of jealous and absolutely adorable!

Angela works full-time, makes the most of each moment with her son, and still manages to work out regularly and eat extremely healthy. This gal can do it all! She takes her job, both as a mom and teacher, very seriously, and who wouldn’t admire that? Way to go Angela! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! You are a Marvelous Mom!

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