A Personalized Adventure

Everyone is familiar with the American Girl doll craze. High-quality dolls with characters and personalities that come to life in accompanying books. Stories that come alive for children through the dolls themselves.

Starpath has taken this concept one incredible step further with its new set of beautiful, multi-ethnic dolls and storybooks. These books, available as printed books or e-books, not only feature an exciting story about the doll’s character, but incorporate the child’s name, city, appearance and other personal details to create a truly one-of-a-kind personalized adventure!

Four dolls are available: Morning Star, Shining Star, Wandering Star and Wishing Star. My daughter chose Morning Star, being blue-eyed and blonde herself, but almost every little girl should see herself in one of these dolls.

My daughter was so excited when the doll arrived! She loved seeing a doll who looked like her and had long blonde hair she could brush and style. The doll features removable clothing and shoes (additional outfits and accessories are available on the web site to give the dolls a different look) as well as realistic facial features. Its soft, 18.5-inch body is easily pose-able and is the perfect size for a little girl to carry, play with and hug!


Along with the doll, I received a code that I could use to redeem a personalized e-book. We chose the title “Tiger Magic” and inputted details on the web site to help personalize the book (information like school attended, doll’s name, grandparent’s name, etc.). We settled in to read the book after it was downloaded and my daughter was thrilled with the results! She was tickled to see her name and details about her life and family incorporated into the story. Since we read the book, she has been acting out scenes from the book with her doll, and I love to see where her imagination takes her.

The Starpath dolls are more than just toys – they are true “friends” for your child and companions in the adventures that come to life in the stories (available as printed books as well as e-books). I can see my daughter enjoying her “Morning Star” (who she named Brooklyn) doll for years to come!

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