COOP Sports helps cool you off this summer with extra fun!

Summer is officially here and whether it’s pool & beach toys and games, or backyard or schoolyard games, COOP Sports has kids of all ages covered! With Hydro’s incredible line of all-condition recreational sports gear, kids are enticed to get out there and make a splash every day. The backyard, lakeside or pool are ideal spots for these 100% waterproof toys that allow uninterrupted play. Plus they look good and perform great!

Hydro Football • Ages 5+ • $12.99
Ready for some football? This 9.25” cool ball has real laces and a
waterproof cover in bright colors. It’s sized right for hands of all ages
whether the game is taking place in the backyard, in the pool or at the
beach. Great features like heavy duty stitching and a durable inflatable
bladder makes this a bargain at an allowance-friendly price sticker. Note
to older brothers and dads, the double-tuck synthetic laces makes
throwing spirals easier! This model is 100% waterproof and offers an
incredible grip in or out of the water. It’s definitely going to be in the
car for easy access wherever we go, all summer long!
Hydro Spring Hoops • Ages 5+ • $19.99
Set up these baskets in the pool and bring your game for an inflatable
basketball court. The patented inner spring provides stability in the
water. Kids and grown-ups appreciate the fabric cover features sporting
on-trend graphics. The enclosed inflatable ball boasts a textured grip for
non-slip performance. The whole set has a twist-and-fold design for
easy portability and storage. When play
is over, fold the base flat and compact
to tuck inside the carry/storage bag. We played with it during breaks
at the pool, too! It’s so fun!
Hydro Wake Breaker • Ages 5+ $7.99
Impress your friends with this ball that floats. Throw it like you’re skipping
a rock and watch how it bounces on water! This ball is designed not to
absorb water so it’s always easy to retrieve, floating atop the lake, ocean or
pool. No more searching for a sunken ball. At just $7.99, the Wake Breaker
won’t break the family budget either! When it’s time to pack it up for home, just squeeze or gently step on it to release the water. It’s durable and doesn’t seem like it would deteriorate over time, like so many others.
Whistle Dart – $8.99
This Whistle Dart is so fun to launch into the air and see how long and loud you can hear it make noise. It made everyone want to join in the fun at the pool. We loved that it fit so nicely in the palm of our hand, too!
With all these affordable, fun, durable options from COOP Sports to choose from, make sure to pick one out for your next birthday gift, pool party, or summer day out with the kiddos! You will be the coolest one at the pool!

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