If He Doesn’t Already Know, Tell Your Husband That Cargo Shorts are OUT OF STYLE!

Does your husband wear cargo shorts? Mine did until earlier this summer. We were out downtown Cleveland on a date night at some of the newer, trendier bars and restaurants on the east bank of the flats and he looked at me and asked if I had seen anyone wearing cargo shorts. I looked around and no one had cargo shorts on. He told me that he had been wearing cargo shorts for many years. He actually just bought a {Read More}

Big Red Rooster Baby Sound Machine

I truly believe that sound equals a quiet night’s sleep. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true! I’ve been using an old fan from a non-working humidifier…..until now! The Big Red Rooster Baby Sound Machine is my new best friend! It blocks out the noisy children running down the hallway and your next door neighbor cutting his grass during nap time. You can choose from 3 lullabies (lullaby, rock-a-bye, or twinkle twinkle) or 3 soothing sounds (white noise, ocean, {Read More}

Oxygen Detox Facial by Thalgo Mceutic at Solia Spa

I just had an Oxygen Detox Facial at Solia Spa and it was AMAZING!!!!! They are the only spa that does this facial in the state of Ohio. It was so relaxing and I looked years younger after the facial. My skin felt so firm and looked so vibrant. The spa is so serene, so it feels like I am on a R&R retreat every time I got there. It is blissful and

Best Self Tanning Lotion and Spray – Sephora

I know summer is almost over, but it’s not too late to get some color with the Sephora brand self tanner spray and lotion. I stock up on this stuff like crazy because the spray especially shows immediate color and then gets darker over a couple of days. It helps to apply it in different coats/layers a couple times each day if you want even faster results. I try to go to the spray tan booth, but sometimes that just {Read More}

FitnessGenes – Genetics Testing Company

I was reading a fitness article the other day, and the trainer who wrote the article described the importance of genetic testing to increase your efficiency in working out and improve your diet. I had never heard of this before, so I decided to do some research and found that this is something that a lot of professional athletes do to maximize their workouts and get the best results. I immediately wanted to know more. The company mentioned in the {Read More}

Reuse and Recycle at Home!

Towards the end of summer, the grass is dry and crunchy. The flower pots start to get “leggy” and the blossoms spread out. Unless you want your water bill to skyrocket, now is the time to do your part from the comfort of your home and conserve water! Here are a few helpful tips that I do myself: When you know a storm is coming, put your watering cans outside and move those pots from your deck or covered patio {Read More}

Reactorz Illuminated Line Of Balls! #Giveaway

Get ready for light up technology! Now all games can be played in the dark with new Reactorz. Reactorz is Reactive Light Technology and it’s so cool! So now a kicked soccer ball or a tossed football becomes illuminated on contact. From regulation-sized basketball and soccer to football (throws just like a real, regular football!) and disc, these awe-inspiring sporting goods are priced an allowance-friendly $5.99 to $19.99. How does it work? Don’t look for the on/off switch because there {Read More}

Worry Eaters Ate My Worries Away!

This is one of the cutest and most helpful toys I have seen in a long time! And so many different characters to choose from! We chose, Bill, and he is perfect for us. The idea behind this clever stuffed animal is that it will “eat your worries” so that your child doesn’t have to be bothered by them anymore. It allows them to let go of that problem. Kids of all different ages can find use for these lil’ {Read More}

Best Fitness Advice for Women

Throughout taking and teaching different fitness classes, I am learning that many fitness friends are discovering the power of weights. Cardio is still important, but strength and resistance training can give so many benefits, especially in women over 40. I thought this article below from Health and Fitness does a great job explaining all of the benefits of strength training. For more info, visit http://www.miamiherald.com/living/health-fitness/article85340767.html Fitness after 40: How women can build muscle, stay toned HEALTH & FITNESS – JUNE {Read More}

Y2KTour with 98 Degrees – Fun Girl’s Night Out!

We had the best time ever at the Northfield on the My2K http://www.my2ktour.com/ tour! It was a super fun girls night out! The tour featured 98 Degrees, O-Town, Dream and Ryan Cabrera. We went to the meet and greet with the performers before the show to take some pictures, and then we got to hear two acapella mixes from 98 Degrees! I was right in the front row so they were about ten feet in front of me! Then they {Read More}