Angela Kavak is a Marvelous Mom!

Angela Kavak is hands down our pick for August’s Marvelous Mom of the Month! Whether Angela is chasing down her 14-month-old son or comforting him after another unavoidable fall while learning to walk, she is always poised, calm, and collected. Her husband is a physical education teacher in the area, plus he owns his own workout facility and trains clients after school, evenings, and weekends. That means Angela and her darling little boy spend a lot of time together and she cherishes every moment. She is a {Read More}

Introducing Cleveland’s Top Resume Writer, Kris McGuigan

Ladies, if you are looking to take your career to the next level – whether you are stepping back into the workforce or looking for your next big promotion – you need to talk with Cleveland’s Top Resume Writer, Kris McGuigan. Kris is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and the trusted career advisor for professional women everywhere. As a certified resume writer and career coach, Kris creates and delivers career marketing tools that get results. Check her out at or {Read More}

Cleveland Labor Day Weekend Festivals 2016

Gather up the family and head over to some fun! Here are some fun festival events taking place over Labor Day weekend in Cleveland. FREE Great Trail Festival – August 27-28, 2016 & September 3-5, 2016 Festival of Saint Rocco in Cleveland – September 1-5, 2016 Cleveland Labor Day Oktoberfest – September 2-5, 2016 Stow Summer Sunset Blast – September 3, 2016 Jammin’ Food Truck Fest – September 3, 2016 Made in Ohio Craft Festival at Hale Farm & Village {Read More}

Don’t just dream about robotics, BE a robot (when you’re a toddler)

“Dressing like a Robot is fun, Mom!”, said my 4-year-old. This shirt and helmet combo were just what he needed to be transformed into a robot for an afternoon. We both liked how easy the shirt was to get on and off due to the simple Velcro design. It was lightweight so my busy bot didn’t get too sweaty, which usually is the case while playing dress up. The visor on the helmet very cleverly moves up and down because when {Read More}

MOTO JACKETS – Fun for Fall!

MOTO JACKETS by littlefeather1 featuring pointy-toe pumps Pilot shirt$40 – Red jacket$260 – Armani Jeans blue Casadei pointy-toe pumps$350 – Casadei pointy-toe pumps$350 – Mulberry leather shoulder Marc Jacobs All Blues engraved jewelry$365 –

Photo Scavenger Hunt Printables!

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This is a great way to entertain kids of all ages. Especially if you are having a get together at your house and concerned about how to entertain all your guests! These are 4 illustrated scavenger hunt pages based on popular locations — the beach, a BBQ, an amusement park, and the neighborhood — so you and your kids can make memories snapping photos in some of your favorite spots! If your kids like {Read More}


My daughter will be five and she is REALLY starting to get into playing dolls and barbies with her doll house. It is so fun to watch her interact with her friends as they make believe real life situations with their dolls. She was so excited to play with these adorable neat-oh princess dolls! She tends to think that she’s an actual princess most of the time, so these were a hit! Doing arts and crafts is another one of {Read More}

BrickUniverse Columbus LEGO Fan Expo was spectacular!

Wow! My boys like Legos, but not as much as these people!!! We attended the BrickUniverse Columbus LEGO fan Expo as an extra birthday gift to my seven-year-old. He was in his glory! There were several booths set up with huge intricate displays of Legos. From towns and cities, to national monuments, to reenactments of some of our country’s important moments in history, this was serious stuff!    They also had tables set up with mounds of Legos for the kids (and adults) {Read More}

Wine Rack Doubles as Water Bottle Rack

Sometimes, for whatever reason, I do not have a ton of wine in my wine rack (wink, wink). In those sad times, I have filled those empty spots with our family’s ever growing supply of reusable water bottles. This location makes them easy to find when running out the door late for practice. It also keeps them from annoyingly falling over inside the kitchen cupboard and spilling out onto the counter when I was actually reaching for my travel coffee {Read More}

Gorgeous Fruit Display

My mother-in-law simply cut up fruit and sprinkled some strawberry Jell-O powder mix on top of the pineapple to give it a pinkish hue. It’s the perfect combination of mango, pineapple, kiwi and more! This is an excellent dish to take to a friend’s house for a party or a cookout! And it’s healthy with the exception of the Jell-O mix, so that’s always a plus!