Best Way to Wash a Yoga Mat

Has your yoga mat ever looked like this? I work out a lot outside during the summer months and my yoga mat gets absolutely destroyed. I have been buying higher quality yoga mats and my favorite brand is ecowise. They seem to last really long and don’t pill up or shed easily. But they still get dirty! One of my neighbors told me that she actually puts her yoga mat in the washing machine, so I tried it and it {Read More}

Fun Way to Spend the Day with the Kids at Great Lakes Science Center

I have never been to the Science Center before, and my husband suggested taking out daughter there. It was really fun! There is definitely enough to do there for at least a few hours. It was a lot of fun to venture downtown Cleveland and do something different. My husband loved the sports exhibit. My daughter even got to make Fourth of July slime/goop with red, white and blue glitter. There are so many exhibits to stop and play {Read More}

Most Refreshing Zero Calorie Drink is Hint Water

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with LaCroix Sparkling Water, but I have found another favorite. Hint water does not have any carbonation, but is a delicious zero calorie drink that comes in refreshing flavors like strawberry kiwi, pineapple, blackberry, and more. My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to Hint at their house and we have been buying it ever since! Hint is water infused with fruit and other natural flavors from non-GMO plants. It’s unsweetened {Read More}

Hottest New Workout Clothing Line

Limitless is the hottest new workout clothing line on the market! And everything about this line is so inspiring on a whole new level. Their mission IS TO CREATE VALUE, MOTIVATE, AND RE-INSPIRE OTHERS TO PUSH THEMSELVES FOR THE DREAM THEY DESIRE. Limitless Mentality would like to Help others by motivating them to achieve their dreams. They have awesome, trendy workout apparel at affordable pricing. Check them out on WHAT IS LIMITLESS MENTALITY? Limitless Mentality is a lifestyle. It {Read More}

NEW! Three Olives Grapefruit

I was at Giant Eagle getting some groceries and walked by a station where there were samples of the new Three Olives Grapefruit. It was really good and refreshing! It’s the perfect drink for summer! I would just add a little bit of LaCroix which is my favorite, all natural, no calorie soda water. I think I found my new favorite, low calorie summer cocktail!

Fourth of July Treats

These July 4th treats are delicious and easy. The first one is simply vanilla yogurt with some fruit sprinkled on top and a flag toothpick in the middle. Perfect for all ages, but the kids seem to love them. The next treat is for adults only. We went to a friend’s party and they had these adorable, festive Jell-O shots. She said they were easy to make. She even bought easy to squeeze Jell-O shot glasses. This made it way {Read More}