Eczema Cure: Weleda Skin Food

My son suffers from terrible eczema. I feel like we are constantly battling it! I have tried everything under the son. He is constantly being lathered in some type of lotion or oil after a bath. It’s awful to watch him itch especially at night. Well I was at a Communion party over the weekend and was talking to a mother who told me to try this stuff called Weleda Skin Food. She says she swears by it and uses {Read More}

Montrose Hill Crawl – Very Fun Date Night – Fairlawn Tres Portillos, T.G.I. Friday’s, Hooley House

If you are looking for a fun date night idea but want to stay local or don’t want to go to downtown Cleveland, try the Montrose Hill Crawl in Fairlawn. Some people call it “Restaurant Row,” which is a great description. Our friends thought of this fun idea and we had a blast! The nice thing is that you only need to park once and you can walk to each restaurant, or if you do choose to drive, each location {Read More}

Marvelous Mom of the Month – April, 2016 – Renee Devan

Congratulations to Renee Devan who is April’s Marvelous Mom of the Month! After having the first of her three daughters, she decided to leave her job as an Art teacher at a local school and become a stay-at-home mom. Her girls have grown into successful ladies who have the utmost love and admiration for their close relationship between each other. Ask anyone she knows, the response is always the same, “Everyone should have a NaeNae in their life!” as she {Read More}

National Caramel Day on Tuesday, April 5th – Celebrate with this Werther’s Original Recipe

National Caramel Day on Tuesday, April 5th – Celebrate with this delicious Werther’s Original Recipe

HUGE Specials at Solia Spa Next Week: April 5th-9th (Tue-Sat) Only

Spring is finally here. It’s the time of year when we should be changing up our skincare routine to help our skin handle the warmer climate. Many of us are also kicking up our workout regimens to whip our bodies back into shape and look our very best now that the colder months are behind us. Allow us to help jump start your new skincare regimen with our fabulous Peri Facial and let us also help ease the muscle tension {Read More}

Kids Will Adore Becoming Rocket Scientists with Aeromax Gear

It seems like STEM is so popular now for kids gear and toys! I see it more and more for girls lately, too. With my daughter starting kindergarten in the fall, we are starting to focus on learning about different subjects, such as math and science. She was fascinated by all of the Aeromax toys and dress up gear available. It was fun to take a break from princess dresses and fairies and switch gears to something more educational. Check {Read More}

Article Feature: How to Eat Slim in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

I just saw this article on yahoo titled How to Eat Slim in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and it caught my eye. How many of us are noticing that each year, or five, or ten, that our metabolism gets a little slower and slower. This is an article I had to share because it addresses all of these concerns for each decade. Read on! Older and wider? No way! You can boast flat abs and a sculpted waistline {Read More}