What’s a Bone Bruise?

I had never heard of a bone bruise until a few months ago… We were on vacation in Florida back in March, and I laid a towel down on the tile for my daughter to lie on as I changed her diaper. Of course I did not put anything down under my knees and as I was changing her diaper, and my knee rolled to the side a bit to the point where it hurt so unbearably bad! I got {Read More}

Schwans Home Service Coupon Codes – Save $5 to $15 Off ! #Schwans

For over 60 years, Schwan’s Home Service has provided superior frozen foods with convenient home delivery. Their foods are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and flavor. Choose from USDA Choice meats, wild-caught seafood, flavorful skillet meals, Grade A fruits and vegetables, plus their heritage ice cream, distinctive desserts and much more. Schwan’s offers delicious foods to satisfy everyone, including family members with special dietary needs including: – No gluten ingredients – Vegetarian – No sugar added – Heart {Read More}

Quinoa Summer Salad (VIDEO) #MeatlessMondays

Produce: 8oz Augula and Spinach Mix 2 Avocados, pitted and diced 2 cups of Corn, fresh or frozen 2 Tomatoes Condiments: 1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp Lemon Juice 2 tbsp Olive Oil Pasta and Grains: 2 cups Quinoa, cooked Mix it all together and that’s it! Absolutely delicious salad. My kids even ate this : )

Harry Potter Giveaway! #HearHarryPotter

As summer kicks into high gear, and families are spending more time together, it’s a perfect time to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks. The audio version of the classic Harry Potter series lets you listen wherever and whenever you want. The Harry Potter audiobooks encourage families to come together, listen to the amazing Harry Potter stories, and discuss among themselves what they love best, which character they relate to, what they would do if they were a wizard, and {Read More}

The Westin Cleveland Downtown

There is a lot to be excited about if you are a Clevelander these days! There is so much going on downtown in our great city that at times I feel like it’s hard to keep up (that is not a bad thing). One great addition to Cleveland, Ohio was the 70 million dollar renovation project, The Westin Cleveland Downtown. The Westin Cleveland Downtown just became one of the most sophisticated Cleveland hotels. I wanted to share with you all {Read More}

Liquor Whipped Vanilla – OMG!

We went to a friend’s party this weekend and they had the best spread ever! Lots of yummy food and creative drink concoctions! The biggest hit had to be the Liquor Whipped Vanilla, which is a whipped cream with vodka already in it. I had no idea this even existed! Our friend had fresh strawberries with the centers cut out and sprayed some of the Liquor Whipped Vanilla in the center for a deliciously refreshing summer shot. This is definitely {Read More}

Nights in the Heights – Outdoor Concert Series

Last Friday night, we met a couple of other families up at the Broadview Heights pavilion to listen to a Bruce Springsteen cover band called Jersey. We had a great time because there was something there for everyone to do. There was a beer garden with Bud Light and Limeritas for the adults, and the playground right there for the kids. The band was awesome and we all had such a fun time. They hosted a band in June and {Read More}